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Comment: Re:NASA budget is two days expenditure by the US (Score 1) 236

by dschmit1 (#37693514) Attached to: Is the OMB Trying To End Planetary Exploration?

The article says 60 billion USD. The google search said 100 billion USD. The article is also from 2010, so the estimate more than likely would only be higher.

Happy day, eh?

Comment: Re:Piracy (Score 1) 375

by dschmit1 (#31748224) Attached to: Game Devs On the Future of PC Gaming
I have always had the idea of an uber-cyber world where something like Second-Life is where you go to access all your games and applications. This way you have a single avatar whose reputation carries from one game to the next. It seems like this idea I had from at least the mid-90's is starting to get all the pieces needed to actually work: cloud-based games and apps, Second-Life itself (though I'd hope something fresh and better would be created at some point), and the demand for such an experience. And since the online authentication seems to be a pretty good way to combat piracy, this system would work for the developers. The idea expands farther than this simple skeleton, certainly, but I'm surprised it hasn't happened quite yet. EA seems like they are trying parts of the idea, I'm sure there are other companies with similar approaches, but none so far have hit every point and made it seamless and reliable. Still waiting...

The Gathering Storm Discussion 186

Posted by Soulskill
from the read-and-find-out dept.
Just over two years ago, fans of the Wheel of Time fantasy book series mourned the death of writer James Oliver Rigney Jr. — a.k.a. Robert Jordan. After much deliberation by Jordan's wife (who also edits the series), author Brandon Sanderson was chosen to finish the series. Sanderson familiarized himself with Jordan's notes and said that they would require three more books, which he hopes to release with about a year between them. On October 27th, the first new Wheel of Time book since Jordan's death was released, titled The Gathering Storm. Early reviews for the book seem quite positive, so here's a place to discuss it. Be warned: comments may contain spoilers.

Comment: Re:Stop Taking Notes (Score 2, Insightful) 823

by dschmit1 (#29919943) Attached to: How To Enter Equations Quickly In Class?
I think many people miss the point of the OP. This teacher wishes to give his/her students the maximum amount of exposure to the material. Verbally with lecture, visually with preprinted notes, and tactically with the, hopefully recommended, practice practice practice of the material. OP might have neglected to say this in the post, but that's the accepted practice of teaching these days. And if OP is not doing this, then OP should start immediately before I start having the same complaints.

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