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+ - SPAM: Winchester Mystery Haunted House gets permit for overnight stays and on-site boo

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Winchester Mystery House is San Jose, CA's legendary tourist attraction, built by Sarah Winchester, widow of the heir to the Winchester rifle fortune, who believed that she was haunted by the spirits of Native Americans who'd been murdered with the guns and designed and ordered the construction of over 160 rooms that she designed by means of automatic writing in a special seance room.
It's just been granted a permit to allow for overnight stays in the house, along with the right to sell booze throughout the property. Now I know what I'll be doing the next time I'm in northern California.
A special use permit approved March 5 by the San Jose planning department would allow overnight guests at the city landmark, but it doesn't look like the existing bedrooms in the structure are included in the permit. Instead, a staff report singles out certain structures on the site, including the pump house, caretaker's residence, and foreman's quarters as lodging possibilities.
The target market won't be traditional travelers, but rather those who want the full Winchester Mystery House experience.
"It wouldn't be a hotel type of thing," said Kristinae Toomians in the city's planning department. "Some people just have a fascination with it."
In addition, the city approved converting the existing cafe (a humble affair) to a bona fide restaurant open to the public, not just guests at the attraction. Winchester Investments LLC, the owner of the business, was also granted approval to allow the consumption of alcohol across the entire site (except the parking lot). That will presumably boost the attraction's events business.

Original copy posted here: [spam URL stripped]..."

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+ - Functional Programming Is A Sequence Of FARTS

Submitted by rjmarvin
rjmarvin (3001897) writes "While object-oriented programming is often easier to pick up, functional programming is a bit tougher on the uptake. When teaching FP over OOP, there's a clear sequence of how to transform the data. The teachable core of FP starts with a sequence of data, and then goes through Filtering, Assigning, Reducing, Transforming and Slicing, or FARTS Crude? Sure. Effective? Damn straight."

+ - Scientology is Dangerous, and now they're Advertising directly to your Family->

Submitted by Metabolife
Metabolife (961249) writes "Scientology is notorious for their crooked tactics to gain and prevent members from leaving. Following their superbowl ad, they've begun spending money on paid spots to draw in new members. Good Morning America actually takes viewers on a tour of their facility in the source video. What can we do to make sure that scientology is kept in check?"
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Comment: Re:footage (Score 1) 157

by drxenos (#45261937) Attached to: Lost Star Wars Footage Found On LaserDisc
Yeah, I guess it is. The intent of my sig. was that people that use the AC system to be abusive and rude, suck. I posted the You Tube link and the follow ups as AC, because I didn't want to comment on a story I, myself, submitted. I only planned to supply the link that was stripped from my submission (and I didn't want to be modded up for it).

+ - DNA Sequencing Led Researchers to Discover "Microbial Dark Matter"->

Submitted by Daniel_Stuckey
Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes "A recent project by the Department of Energy's Joint Genome Institute has taken a huge leap forward. The team, whose research was published in Nature , sequenced the genomes of 201 bacterial species and archaeal cells.

Those species were sampled from nine environments diverse and extreme enough, like hydrothermal vents, that researchers could reasonably expect to hold unique species. And that's what they found. None of the 201 species had ever been sequenced before. As the authors write, "our single-cell genome data set provides an 11% greater coverage of known phylogenetic diversity than currently available genomes."

"This is what we call 'microbial dark matter,'" Tanja Woyke, a researcher at the DOE's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, said. "They are branches in the tree of life that have no representatives."

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Comment: Re:FLAC (Score 1) 361

by drxenos (#41402765) Attached to: Neil Young Pushes Pono, Says Piracy Is the New Radio
So, *that's* why! Thank you. I've always wondered why, when I rip CD tracks of songs that flow into the next (like a lot of Floyd albums) into MP3s, there is a noticeable break between songs that shouldn't be there. FLAC doesn't have this problem. I've always thought it was because of the compression MP3s use.

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