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Journal Journal: Another 3 1/2 years go by 2

Another 3 1/2 years ago by. Slashdot hasn't changed much. But I feel rather more alienated from the alarmism than ever. Perhaps I am jaded and fatalistic. Time goes by and I find that loud and dirty people annoy me more than large corporations. Yes, Bank of America wants to charge fees for using the debit card at stores now...so what, I'll just move my money to a bank that doesn't. More of the same in other ways as well. Getting and keeping money seems to be more important than it was years ago, when I first started using Slashdot. I guess I am just getting old...or is it mature?

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Journal Journal: 7 years ago 1

Wow...it's been 6 to 7 years since I wrote in this journal thing. A dog year. A statute of limitations. Enough time for me to have acquired by doctoral degree. Enough time to get married and have kids. But I didn't do that.

When did i create my slashdot account? it would be nice to know. I'd guess 1997.

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Journal Journal: Um, what's this shit?

Well here now we have a new thingie...journal..is this like a journaling file system? Or somehow is it live livejournal.com? Nah I think it's for people who don't have a web page of their own. Whee!

"Confound these ancestors.... They've stolen our best ideas!" - Ben Jonson