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Comment: There will be no more real discussion here until.. (Score 5, Insightful) 127

This Beta garbage dies in a burning ball of galactic-temperature-infused inferno...

I should have seen this coming for months and set up a slashdot clone we could all move to... Hmm, shortsighted!

Shut it off... Turn it off NOW! Bad, BAD experiment!

Comment: Re:Buying Slashdot (Score 1) 127

What do you guys think a fair price for slashdot would be? I'm curious because I'm thinking about starting a kickstarter or something to buy slashdot and turn it into a community run forum.

This site is valuable because of the community it has. I don't come here for the articles, I come here for the discussions. I know that the majority of the people who come here do so for the same reasons.

Couldn't agree more... Except they'd never let us buy it... We apparently need to create a NewDot....

DICE doesn't get that, and once they kill the community there won't be any real way to rebuild it. I think that would be a shame since I love this place. For all its flaws I think the community here is awesome.

Amen, Brother....

So, what do you guys think? Is it at all within the realm of reason to buy slashdot and make it ours?

Highly unlikely.... Unfortunately.... Soon there will be nothing left here to be worthy of even an occasional visit and I find that very sad. :(

Comment: Seriously??! (Score 1) 74

by drussell (#46168339) Attached to: Former Red Hat COO Helps Health Care Providers Work Together (Video)

Update: 02/05 20:16 GMT by T : If you're seeing this post on beta.slashdot.org, note that we're still ironing out the details of video display here. You can view the video on tv.slashdot.org, instead. Please pardon our dust.

Seriously??! What is wrong with you douches? Why would you push^H^H^H^Hforce this on people when things don't even work... No post button... Sorry... This doesn't work correctly... Sorry, you can't see a video (not that I could care LESS ABOUT A *&%$#@ VIDEO!! )... WTF??!

crap, Crap, CRAP, CRAP!, CRAP!!, CRAPP!!!

What happened to you, dear /. ???!

RIP, my darling... May you find peace... :( Sniff... Sniffle....

As long as it's been, I guess it's time to finally say... "Good, riddance, /." :(

Comment: Neat, editing doesn't even work (Score 1) 237

by drussell (#46168139) Attached to: Update on the March of Progress: How Slashdot's New Look Is Shaping Up

Sweet... Even after I fixed all of my typos in the preview pane, it posted my previous preview... Stellar work, /.

I had re-worded a few things, but it basically reads correctly if you substitute ..to..user..something... WTF, guys??!... No Dice... I'm outta here.. :( Sad... So very, VERY sad... :(

Comment: Wow, double creepy! (Score 1) 237

by drussell (#46168005) Attached to: Update on the March of Progress: How Slashdot's New Look Is Shaping Up

It filed my comment under another comment called "Ummm.. How do I respond to the comment"... I hadn't read that, nor did I intend tl respond to that... It did it all by itself. IF YOU DON'T TURN THIS CRAP OFF... And I mean, !!RSN!!, I'm never coming back... Sincerely, long-time-slashdot-uset

Do NOT start second guessing what I'm replying to or sticking words in my mouth!!! FFS!! I will not post here again without an apology, this kind of crap should actually be illegal, IMHO... DO NOT MAKE IT LOOK LIKE I'M REPLYING TO SOMEHING I'M NOT!! WTF?!

Comment: WOW, WTF??! (Score 1) 237

by drussell (#46167959) Attached to: Update on the March of Progress: How Slashdot's New Look Is Shaping Up

I guess I have to 'reply' here to the first post as I can't for the life of me find a 'post' new comment option, although that is probably by design... I had to hunt around several times just to find this thread again to to reply to after logging in! What utter trash! I'm absolutely speechless... Really, guys? What are you smoking??! I can't find anything on a page, it's hard to read, good Lord, there's about a hundred problems with this crap... Send me a private e-mail or use the good ol' telephone and I'll tell you, dear /., EXACTLY what you're doing wrong... WOW, way to kill something that used to be useful.... grrr

Comment: Re:NIMFY (Score 1) 136

by drussell (#46022885) Attached to: FreeBSD 10.0 Released

I managed to hit this, accidentally doing an installkernel with a custom kernel config from a 9-STABLE tree just after doing a binary update to 10-RC3. The 9 kernel couldn't mount the 10 ZFS root, and I then had to find a bootable 10 CD (it turns out the machine I did this on can't boot from USB) to reinstall the 10 kernel.

Couldn't you just have booted from kernel.old?

Comment: Actually 10.0 is pretty good... (Score 3, Informative) 136

by drussell (#46015605) Attached to: FreeBSD 10.0 Released

I've been using 10.0-PRELEASE for most things here for a while and it works well... Watch the package system change though if you're upgrading a really old system and used to just using things like portupgrade, I'm still trying to get one of my old 8.something boxes ports all updated properly, though that's probably mostly my fault for being sloppy and not reading ports/UPDATING carefully enough :) The 10.0 kernel and userland themselves are working perfectly and it was a pain free transition all the way from 8 on that box.

"In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current." -- Thomas Jefferson