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Comment: Re: Simplicity? (Score 1) 269

by drummerboybac (#49275175) Attached to: Fraud Rampant In Apple Pay
I believe a lot less contactless credit cards in the US currently, nor are the cards I use offered as a contactless option. As such, the convenience is really twofold for me 1. Backup payment method. If I don't have my wallet, I can still pay for things. Handy for the once in a while I forget it, but more handy if I'm out for a run and want to buy a drink or something. 2. One handed operation. Since all I need to do is put my thumb on the fingerprint reader and hold my phone by the contactless reader instead of needing to open my wallet to swipe a card, it's far easier to do while trying to keep my 4yo out of the candy in the checkout line with my other hand. Mind you these may both apply to Google Wallet as well, but I haven't used it so I can't say. Honestly, if Apple pay does nothing more than encourage the proliferation of contactless readers, I think both Apple and Android fans win.

Comment: Re: Seems good to me. (Score 1) 146

by drummerboybac (#47785661) Attached to: The American Workday, By Profession
But in the scenario I'm talking about, it's during their workday, so it's not off hour work. PST, EST, GMT, and IST can pretty much set it up so that the outgoing shift overlaps a few hours with the incoming shift. Gives you 24 hour coverage, but keeps your support from working late at night, when people are less effective and more prone to mistakes.

Comment: Re: ipad? (Score 1) 499

by drummerboybac (#46872617) Attached to: You Are What You're Tricked Into Eating
It's not an excuse at all, but suggesting people who work 12 hour days aren't cooking due to boredom and the solution is to grab a tablet and watch tv while cooking is asinine. A better answer would be preparing large quantities of freezable meals earlier in the week to be used when time is short, and buying in bulk to defray costs.

Comment: Ever priced healthful food out? (Score 1, Insightful) 499

by drummerboybac (#46867561) Attached to: You Are What You're Tricked Into Eating
The most basic cable packages are like $20/month. or like 4 hours of work at minumum wage a month. $20 isnt going to buy healthful food for a family of 4 for more than a couple days a month. Most people are going to look at it as something like "I can have two or three days of healthy meals a month, and still eat crap the other 27 days or so, or I can just stick with my crap food, and actually have something to do between my 3 shitty jobs that leave me so tired I cant do anything but sit on a couch"

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