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Comment: Re:This seems stupid (Score 0) 45

by drseuk (#36870598) Attached to: IBM's Morphing Touchscreen Keyboard Interface
Apparently, for MS Windwoes users, it auto-morphs such that the entire lower left quadrant of the screen has a massive CTRL "touchkey", the lower right quadrant is filled with an ALT "touchkey" and the entire top half with a DELETE "touchkey". Supposedly, those are the only three keys you need under Windows to achieve 90% of the productivity with it that you enjoy today on your desktop ...

+ - UK Gov. GNU / Linux, FLOSS push to 9.2m adults->

Submitted by drseuk
drseuk (824707) writes "Low-cost computers are to be offered as part of a government scheme to encourage millions of people in the UK to get online for the first time.

Prices will start at £98 for a refurbished PC, with subsidised net connections available for £9 a month.

The cheap computers will run open-source software, such as Linux, and will include a flat-screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, warranty, dedicated telephone helpline and delivery."

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Comment: Re:let me clear your mind. (Score 1) 606

What our team UK cyclist David Cameron and your team America basketball bloke Obama are terrified of is the public finding out that they don't use the same toothpaste, the leaking of which could end the special relationship and, god forbid, lead to nuclear war.

Ma Bell is a mean mother!