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Comment Re:No... (Score 1) 165

Except that when the "No Fly Zones" dynamically pop up (for whatever reason) and you are possibly already flying (ie. a man hunt you know nothing about). Some of these zones are not concrete. I am not advocating flying in them, I am just making a point that blanket laws don't take into account something as described.

Comment Re:Are drones really THAT dangerous? (Score 1) 368

I would tend to agree with a skilled pilot being able to recover at a higher altitude. The real issue is with a yaw issue at really low altitude you have little room for recovery. No to mention, when those helis are coming in hot and not hovering for a drop, 90+ mph even a 5 lb object can potentially be damaging.

Comment Re:What's Cash? (Score 1) 294

CC and Debit are one in the same here for the most part when they are tied to your bank account. You might have a choice (if they ask), or they just run as credit/debit depending on the vendor. Either way it pulls from the same account so you shouldn't assume they are using a CC. That said, yes credit is a huge problem in the US.

On a side note cash in Canada (via coins) was great. Looneys and Tooneys were perfect projectiles for strippers.

Comment Examples??? (Score 2) 255

At my school for my undergrad and grad programs we used a various set of IDEs and OSes. The only time we needed to be locked into a vendor for dev tools was when the class was targeted at that. A large % of the time we could use whatever worked for us.

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.