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Comment: Research on psychosocial aspects (Score 1) 360

by drop table user (#35197116) Attached to: Infertility Could Impede Human Space Colonization
http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/585644_2 (registration required, use bugmenot service or similar)

The psychosocial implications of in-flight sex and reproduction are at least as problematic as the related physiological challenges. For the foreseeable future, space crews will be relatively small in number. If pairing off occurs within the crew, it can have serious ramifications on the crew's working relationships, and therefore, on mission success and crew operations. Former astronaut Norman Thaggard commented, "[Issues associated with romantic relationships are] just one more problem that can potentially cause the whole thing to come apart."

Comment: WPA uses sample principle - slow by design (Score 1) 409

by drop table user (#35149930) Attached to: Are You Sure SHA-1+Salt Is Enough For Passwords?

If ASCII characters are used, the 256 bit key is calculated by applying the PBKDF2 key derivation function to the passphrase, using the SSID as the salt and 4096 iterations of HMAC-SHA1.

Slow by design.

Comment: Re:Wind energy is harmful (Score 1) 223

by drop table user (#35136376) Attached to: US To Fire Up Big Offshore Wind Energy Projects

Current technology can not capture wind energy in a way that is not harmful to the environment.

All energy production harms the environment, even hydroelectric energy production:

One study shows that a hydroelectric dam in the Amazon has 3.6 times larger greenhouse effect per kWh than electricity production from oil, due to large scale emission of methane from decaying organic material.

Tow the wind mills off shore. Bring down the production and maintenance costs. Scale up. Profit.


The Shoddy State of Automotive Wireless Security 260

Posted by Soulskill
from the can't-wait-for-toyota-two-point-oh dept.
angry tapir writes "Researchers from Rutgers University and University of South Carolina have found that wireless communications between new cars and their tires can be intercepted or even forged. While the potential for misuse may be minimal, this vulnerability points to a troubling lack of rigor with secure software development for new automobiles, said Wenyuan Xu, a computer science assistant professor at the University of South Carolina, who was a co-lead on the study. The researchers will present their findings at the Usenix Security Symposium, being held this week in Washington DC."

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