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Comment Re:Because (Score 4, Insightful) 65

For the most part, corporate executives are schooled in business, not engineering. They know planning, reorganizing, finance, merging and acquiring, and (maybe) marketing. Their path to success is through doing those things. Initiatives that originate among the engineers have a long wait to see the light of day -if they ever do - because they first have to be championed by one of the aforementioned executives. That's why innovation in larger companies is done by acquiring products and technology from the outside, and usually not by developing ideas from within. The silver lining is that it creates opportunity for smaller companies that are more focused on their customers' needs and the technologies for satisfying them.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 138

Software/web development is the only field I can think of where practitioners delight in ridiculing people outside of their specialty for not knowing everything that they do. I don't see that with medical doctors or lawyers or pharmacists or physicists. Every profession seems to have its own standards for basic maturity.

Comment Re:Or the Gordon Dickson approach (Score 1) 115

I'm trying to imagine, at the time the postal service was organized, what the public reaction would have been if it was announced that your mail would be opened and read, and the information so gained would be sold to merchants, employers, and police in your area. Would people have accepted that in exchange for free postage?

Comment Re:Hosts file (Score 1) 296

I use a different one, but the principle is sound and it works great; no Adblock needed. One change I'd make to yours is to uncomment some lines, like these:

# # breaks some sites

So it "breaks some sites". Haven't noticed that myself, and don't care if it does.

Comment Re:How is this news for nerds (Score 1) 320

Both refugees and migrants want to find a place where they are safe, can build decent lives, and can provide for their families. Exactly like you would, under comparable circumstances. This idea that they should have no preferences about where they might best do these things is more than a little bizarre (but typical of the dehumanization by many people of others they perceive to be unlike themselves). "Gee, honey, it's a shame that we lost our home and you and the kids are going to be tortured and starved, but Hognoxious says it just wouldn't be right to try moving the family to a better place." This would make them fools in addition to being migrants or refugees. Whether they can satisfy those preferences is another matter, of course.

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