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Comment: Re:more downgrades (Score 1) 688 688

> Giorgio (the NoScript guy) knows what he is talking about on this subject, so I suspect despite your screenshot there is still a problem Screenshot is from 2012, for another blocker. HTTP Switchboard doesn't use the problematic API, which doesn't work reliably because it is asynchronous. It injects Content Security Policy header synchronously: it is rock solid in preventing JS from executing. Reputation is something to respect, but hard technical facts come first for me.

Comment: Does Chrome have a proper NoScript equivalent? (Score 1) 184 184

HTTP Switchboard. This puts to rest all the false claims out there that Chrome doesn't have the proper API to block scripts. This thing does what NoScript, Request Policy and AdBlock do all together, plus it has nice privacy enhancing options.

Comment: Re:what exactly do they want done... (Score 4, Insightful) 491 491

Whatever bad scenario you cast in your mind when you contemplate doing something about climate change, keep in mind that doing nothing will cause things to get much, much worst. History shows that humans are able to engage in large collective projects if they have the collective will for it. Also, economy thrives and economic opportunities are plentiful in times of great changes, and the reverse in times of great stagnation. I actually think economy would get a huge boost by steering our societies away from the abyss we are now headed, I see it as a win-win.

Comment: Re:Leak poisoning (Score 1) 278 278

Wikileaks is not just passing on, but also checking and cleaning material. Otherwise it would be Openleaks. Nobody doubted that the Stratfor leak was a fake.

Huh? "Cleaning material"? "Openleaks", the guys who papershred the leaked materials they had? "Nobody doubted that the Stratfor leak was a fake"... "Nobody"? Wait, how exactly do you know it is indeed "fake"? "The trouble with Wikileaks is selection bias"... Hum yes, an organisation dedicated to transparency will usually publish materials which document wrongdoings, that's the bias.

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