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Comment: Re:As usual, Woz proves to be the guy who knows. (Score 1) 549

by dremon (#44005397) Attached to: Woz Compares the Cloud and PRISM To Communist Russia
My goodness, what an ultimate collection of 80's-style propaganda crap.

Stalin, who lived into the 1950s, was a monster of epic proportions.

This 'monster' created a greatest industrial superstate from the underdeveloped agrarian country. He won the second world war. He made a nuclear shield against the peaceful civilized democracies that nuked Japan and killed most of their own natives.

you will need to find tens of millions of bodies

Mister, you are citing the lies of Solzhenitsyn. There are well-known figures: around 700.000 people where sentenced to death penalty from 1921 to 1953; the absolute majority in 1937-38 during the 'Big Terror' years due to the internal fights in the goverment and the rising Trotskism movement. Should that not happened the Stalin's powers would be overthrown and Germany wouldn't have any difficulties whatsoever 3 years later. The top number of prisoners in the detention and work camps was around 2 million people (compare it to the modern US). On average 0.8% of the population was held in the camps during Stalin era.

Ukrainian Genocide

There was absolutely no genocide but a starvation from objective reasons. Same as in USA in 30's.

Communism is effectively a mind trap - the theory sounds so beautiful to many people that it must be true, but in practice it has always led to oppression, often bloody at that.

It's a mind trap only for such short-sighted and narrow-minded anti-soviet fanatics like you.

Comment: Re:Buffer overflow (Score 1) 611

by dremon (#39786485) Attached to: C/C++ Back On Top of the Programming Heap?
My reply was mainly to original parent: I never had the described issues with C++ (virtual destructors, forgotten cleanups, etc). The "ugliness" and complexity of the code is solely a programmer's fault, not the language. I just tried to show that similar issues exist in Java, including resource leaks, forgotten cleanups, "finally" statements, incorrect object comparison, etc.

Comment: Re:Buffer overflow (Score 1) 611

by dremon (#39783967) Attached to: C/C++ Back On Top of the Programming Heap?
My point is not that strings are objects but that it's easy to make a mistake by coding == instead of .equals (especially when coming from other languages where no such issue exists, C++ or Python). How's that different from forgetting virtual destructors? Another annoying issue is absolute incosistence in the method name (or property name) that returns the size of the collection.

Comment: Re:Buffer overflow (Score 1) 611

by dremon (#39782099) Attached to: C/C++ Back On Top of the Programming Heap?
Java is not exactly issue-free as well. For example lack of comparison operator for strings forces a programmer to abandon an intiutive ways of doying things and to always remember to follow the language obscure rules. Same for unsigned bytes and integers. Same for resource leaks and forgotten "finally" blocks.

Comment: Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 404

by dremon (#34752696) Attached to: Windows 7 Trumps Vista By Reaching 20% Share
1. BIOS INT13H extensions allow for 48-bit LBA addressing so there is no problem in accessing large hard drives from the real mode.

2. GRUB loader boots from GPT disks just fine; one additional small GPT partition is required for that (BIOS Boot Partition) where the second-stage loader is embedded. It doesn't have to be in the first 2TB address space.

So it is either an oversight or ignorance.

Comment: Re:Realistic uses. (Score 1) 473

by dremon (#33386914) Attached to: Making Ubuntu Look Like Windows 7

Unfortunatley desktop linux has yet to catch up on some of the usability smarts Windows 7. One killer redeeming feature of 7 is the way the start menu search feature includes a lot of administrative functions.

Gnome-Do has all this plus tons of plugins for every possible function you can imagine (like virtual machine control or interface to google maps). Just press hot key (e.g. Win-Space) and start typing. Linux is light years ahead of anything MS can offer right now in their OS.

Comment: Re:Apple Tax! (Score 1) 411

by dremon (#31836510) Attached to: New MacBook Pros Launched

But still, WHY would I pay $1,450 more for the MacBook Pro?

Screen resolution, quality and reliability of parts, decent touch pad, decent speakers, mag connect power, Firewire for video work, no driver issues with the video card and OS, faster hard drive, multiple non-mirrored video displays, 2 pounds lighter to carry around, DVI, backlit keyboard, more than twice the battery length, automatic graphic card switching, slightly better bluetooth... that's most of it. Well and it can run and comes with OS X, which means more to most of us than the rest of it.

You can make the same comparison though with a higher end Dell laptop. It has a lot more features than the Acer and it costs more. If you don't need a high end laptop, don't buy one. If you live you life in front of laptop, well you might want to spring for one that is higher quality, more reliable, and more featureful. A grand is what, a week or two of consulting for a professional. Hell adding the new Adobe CS Suite will bump up the price $2600 but if it's the best tool for the job, it pays for itself in short order.

I own MBP produced in 2008. The battery has been replaced twice - the last one only worked less than a year. There are some artifacts on the LCD screen. DVD recorder does not record dual layer disks. MagSafe is "repaired" with duck tape; socket plug is very easy to crack when inserting into the tight power socket. Occasionally it doesn't startup (black screen of death). There are issues with Atheros wireless card. Quality and reliability? It's a fucking urban legend. Read Mac forums; I am far from being alone with these issues. Never ever anything from Apple.

Comment: Re:$200 doesn't really include.. (Score 1) 531

by dremon (#31828832) Attached to: Ubuntu on a Dime
Windows is all well and good until you need something that is not covered by its start menu. It's all well and good until some piece of hardware doesn't have any support at all (not even via some hack - there are no hacks on proprietary platforms). The problem with Windows is that even with all the advancements, it's still a crappy legacy unsecure platform that only works properly if you are administrator and stay within it's narrow selection of pre-configured OEM hardware that is known to work (Dell, etc).

Comment: Re:Why do people like Ubuntu? (Score 1) 366

by dremon (#31595450) Attached to: Ubuntu's "Lucid Lynx" Enters Beta

Sound (ALSA) dropping out randomly and continually

What kind of sound hardware do you have? Never had any issues with mine.

kernel panics from nVidia drivers

Nvidia driver is a proprietary binary module that taints kernel. How is it a problem of Ubuntu?

I don't like Gnome at all, and when I tried to remove it, rapidly found that I couldn't.

Why have you chosen for the Gnome distro if you don't like it? Seems pretty stupid.

there's the horrid mess that is upstart

More details please - what is so messy about it? I find it way better than a horrid mess of runlevels and sysv init scripts different for every single distro out there.

the "quiet splash," options in GRUB, which remove the ability to debug

Most of the people don't care about boot messages and text consoles. Besides this can be easily changed, if you have 15 years of experience in Linux you should know better.

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