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Comment: Not even a little surprising to me. (Score 3, Interesting) 116

by drdanny_orig (#44332257) Attached to: San Jose State Suspends Collaboration With Udacity
40 years ago or so, I taught those same remedial classes to freshmen students at a large Midwestern land-grant 4-year university. The only reason my pass rate was higher than 44% was because I felt sorry for the kids. I was then, and am now still considered a good instructor. Most of those students had no business being in college in the first place, and I could tell that few if any would finish regardless of how I graded them. Remember, these are students who were unable to pass the basic requirements coming out of high school. Not representative of the population as a whole. I suspect the "online-edness" of these classes has very little to do with it.

Comment: Not soon (Score 1) 417

by drdanny_orig (#37949654) Attached to: VMware, a Falling Giant?
Management may think they're going to make the switch, but when it comes to actually doing it, it'll prove to cost more in terms of effort than they'll save on licensing. There's a hell of a lot more to VMWare than just the virtualization of servers, and it doesn't take a propeller-head to effectively use the tools. Can the same be said of the alternatives?

Comment: Re:Oh For Chrissakes (Score 1) 466

by drdanny_orig (#33856674) Attached to: Indian Military Organization To Develop Its Own OS

I find it amusing that some people think that a nation's defense research organisation, which helps build ICBMs, supersonic aircraft, tactical software and so on, needs advice from someone who reading slashdot on how to write an operating system.

Eh? It's their history in such areas that convinced me they could screw up Water Soup with a recipe from Alton Brown.

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