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Comment Yes lets make all universities financially unstabl (Score 1) 274

The PRIVATE universities with large endowments seem to be very good at managing their money in ways that keeps them very stable even when the economy tanks. You don't see them slash and burn staff like the for profit schools every other quarter when there is small downturn.
Should we make retirees spend at least 8% of their investments as well. They are just hoarding that money it should be out in the economy. It really seems to bother some people to let any person, school or company keep ample funds to be stable through any financial disaster, typically caused or allowed to happen by "experts" with a 90 day view of the world.

Comment Ok ditch net neutrality and give us a free market (Score 2) 489

If there was "free market" we would not need net neutrality. There would be competition if I don't like one ISP's policies I have 10 other low latency, high bandwidth, reliable, with unrestricted services to choice to chose from. In truth most of the country is lucky if they have one choice that is not limited in one of those requirements. I had to load balance the two main ISP in my area to get something close to being an internet connection. What I can get has barely changed in 15 years. So 20 years without net neutrality has gotten us nowhere.

Comment Vinyl Distortion (Score 1) 433

Some people people just love the distortions that vinyl produces. Low resolution, poor phase linearity, low frequency summed to mono, large amount of equalization for pre-emphasis and post-emphasis (40dB). Multi-band compression. High level of crosstalk between channels. It is close to a miracle the format works at all. It takes huge amounts of effort to get a respectable master cut. In the peak of vinyl production during the early 80's the efforts engineers put into getting good sounding vinyl was insane. Nobody is doing it to that level anymore.

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