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Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 1) 222

heh, some of the best fun I ever had on the internet was participating in one of the big anti-cheat communities for that game. I tried really hard to keep us from becoming like the power tripping asshats that the other big anti-cheat community was known for being. It was really sad to see the game start on a downhill slide firsthand after the 2.1 patch.

Comment Re:Only in America (Score 1) 539

Small-scale communism can work reasonably well, though it requires a charismatic leader and a strong belief system.

Similar goes for basically any form of "government" though, even a total anarchy or a full blown dictatorship. It'll last as long as a significant portion of individuals (and/or the correct specific individuals, depending on what form is being used) in the community in question are on board with making whatever flavor of "government" or lack thereof work well.

Comment Re:Seems like freedom of speech to me (Score 1) 195

I don't know about the letter analogy (it seems a bit incoherent tbh), but I'd definitely put "with my permission" in quotes for the software side of things just because of how easy it is to hide permission inside an EULA or a very easy to click by accident button (looking at you, amazon one-click purchasing).

Comment Re:Seems like freedom of speech to me (Score 1) 195

While that makes a funny one-liner, I find the fact that it's being modded insightful is a bit worrying. There's not really a correlation between the quality of a person and the quality of their social media postings.

At the risk of pulling in an anecdotal counter-example, I knew someone who IRL was one of the most sleazy and manipulative bastards I've ever met. He flat out told me he was in the CS program at school despite having no interest or affinity for CS because "nerds made good targets" for his social manipulations. He cheated and manipulated his way through classes until people just refused to interact with him anymore, then dropped out of the program the semester after that conversation happened (now I think he does marketing/sales/business stuff professionally). Despite him being what in my opinion is a pretty terrible person, the occasional social media post I see from him is always well constructed and generally interesting. Even the stuff bragging about his expensive vacation to somewhere had some well edited gopro footage. Then I also know the converse of that, a coworker who's a pretty smart EE and fun to do stuff with, but give him access to a text based form of communication not professional e-mail and he falls back to a dialect of late 90s txtspeak that's maddening to read.

All that to say, the things that make a good quality social media poster aren't the same things that make a good quality friend and vice versa.

Comment Re:Ninth, mofo. (Score 1) 258

They most definitely are. There are 3 different species commonly referred to as "daddy longlegs" in North America: Opiliones (harvestmen), not a true spider; Diptera (crane fly), sometimes also called "mosquito eaters" or "mosquito hawks"; and Pholcidae (cellar spiders), an actual spider.

Wikipedia makes reference to all three species as "daddy longlegs". If you're going to quibble about "daddy longlegs" vs "daddy longlegs spider", here's an article referencing Pholcidae as "daddy longlegs spider": http://spiders.ucr.edu/daddylo...

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