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Comment Re:OBS (Score 1) 111 111

Is there some reason you can't use a pi to remote desktop or VNC your desktop PC while using the TV as the pi's screen? You could probably build the entire setup for under $150.

If the remote desktop solution isn't acceptable for streaming video, then you can just use VLC or the pi itself to stream it.

If for some reason you don't want to do that, use a wireless HDMI cable (I'm assuming they make such a thing, if not then I suggest you man up and poke some holes in your wall) to clone the desktop monitor to the TV and use a headless pi running synergy to share the mouse and keyboard back to your desktop.

Comment Re:Airtame (Score 1) 111 111

I could do an entire setup like what the OP wants for less than that. Raspberry pi + micro sd + usb wifi (assuming he's lazy and didn't run cat5 already) + wireless keyboard/mouse combo + hdmi cable + microusb cable (for powering the pi, assuming he doesn't have a box of old AC adaptors laying around). Hook the pi up to the TV and use it to RDP into the desktop PC.

Comment Re:Windows 8 and metered Internet connections (Score 1) 357 357

I'm not talking about patching a skype vulnerability, I'm talking about microsoft deciding that installing it (when you didn't have it installed previously) is a "priority update". They already have a track record of flagging things as priority that really shouldn't have been.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 4, Insightful) 357 357

Or, and hear me out here, home users might just in fact need the ability to opt out of some updates due to a wide variety of reasons ranging from compatibility issues to the update doing something they don't want (i.e. installing a "upgrade to windows 10!" popup) to the update not being required to install right at this instant and they need the bandwidth for something else (hello 300mb "ms word 2010 help file" update) due to being in a low connectivity area.

Comment Re:The Microsoft key!!!! I've never used it...ever (Score 1) 664 664

I've never really had that problem of hitting it on accident while gaming unless I was really frantic or horribly misaligned my fingers on the keys (at which point I'd be dead anyway so I never saw it as an issue). I had the opposite problem though once I got my G15. I'd use the switch on the keyboard to toggle it off, then forget to turn it on again and hit win+r-->type program name-->enter-->"wtf why is this random program on my desktop launching that's nowhere near what I typed???"

Comment Re:Or... just hear me out here... (Score 1) 1142 1142

Falling birdshot isn't any more dangerous than hail of a similar size, no matter how hard you believe that that isn't the case.

Additionally, falling bullets actually aren't all that dangerous either if shot straight up (Mythbusters has tested this). They lose their spin and begin to tumble on the way down, drastically lowering the terminal velocity. The people who are killed or injured by falling bullets are generally hit by bullets that were fired into the air at a significant angle.

Comment Re:Valasek and Miller are assholes and should be a (Score 1) 173 173

A car is defective if it was designed to withstand people trying to hack it, and it doesn't.

I think what he's getting at is that the car wasn't designed to withstand people trying to hack it. i.e. security wasn't even a consideration in the design.

Comment Re:Good Idea, and a Possible Modification (Score 1) 120 120

I was always under the impression that the fuel savings doesn't come from the altitude but from the fact all of the engines can be setup for efficiency in high altitude/vacuum and no part of the spacecraft needs to deal with low altitudes and high air densities.

Comment Re:I believe it too, and also a pitch for Ghostery (Score 1) 327 327

I can second the use of both of those. At first I was a little hesitant using ghostery and went around disabling stuff by hand on a per-site basis. Eventually I got tired of that and set it to block everything. Noticed no adverse effects, and it sped up page loading times significantly.

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