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Comment Re:stop (Score 3, Insightful) 694

just stop

Exactly. Making an issue of gender is hurting their objective more than helping it.

Most people who get into computers and programming are naturally introverted. Making a big deal about a specific category of person getting involved in a specific field is a great way to keep the shy introverted people of that category out of that field.

Comment Re:How Big an Improvement Are We Talking Here? (Score 1) 92

It's a different kind of improvement. It won't make your computer run crysis at 9000 fps, but you'd see it in things such as google maps being able to quickly calculate the most efficient path given that you want to travel from A to F and make stops B, C, D, and E along the way.

Comment Re:Oh good, more contention. (Score 5, Insightful) 173

Yes, if someone is actively trying to prevent me from talking to my wi-fi base station, they can do that. But what kind of idiot would throw gigawatts of power across gigahertz just so they'd interfere with my signal?

They don't need to continuously jam it, they just need to make it drop out enough to be obnoxious. Sending out a pulse crafted to disconnect people from their wireless access points several times an hour would be enough to annoy the non tech savvy into just buying a 4g connection for everything.

Comment Re:Real World? (Score 1) 123

This has been established by long history of mountain, cave and other remote area search and rescue incidents.

Wait what? iirc the path up to the summit of Everest is littered with bodies of climbers who couldn't make it. Including one who was reportedly injured but alive for several hours. Other climbers talked to him as they passed, but there wasn't anything they could do as attempts to help would just result in both of them dead.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1164

Be interested to know how that is accomplished with any slight hope of determining what a real life high stress situation response would be

The same way they do for police training? The main point here is that carry permits are generally taken much more seriously than drivers licenses, so comparing it with drivers is a bit disingenuous.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1164

Wow that makes me feel real good about when the NRA says giving everyone a gun is the best way to prevent shootings. Cause as we all know, 80% of drivers are above average so we can expect gun competency work just as well.

With what's involved in getting a carry permit (in most states at least), I would not be surprised if the kinds of people who carry have more practice shooting in various simulated high stress situations than the average police officer.

Comment Re: Gravity (Score 1) 163

This along with simple things like how momentum works in space

Especially that part where they spend 30 minutes bumping up their deltaV towing each other to the station via jetpack, then manage to not get splatted on impact when they obviously didn't reverse thrust (as seen by the fact that the guy doing the towing was always in front) at any point during the entire trip.

Comment Re:Because it Works! (Score 1) 196

3) wait 1-14 days depending on how much you are willing to spend

I'm not willing to spend more than 3x the cost of the components that are going on my board. Know of any "decent" PCB manufacturers that'll make a board for less than that (including shipping) and get it here before I can draw the thing with a sharpie and wipe it off with some etching solution?

Comment Re:Never moderate anything and ignore cheaters? (Score 1) 61

They really need to do something about bots. There's some blatant cheating in my area on the part of some select few players (portals are mysteriously recharged within seconds of being attacked at all times of day/night). It's really demoralizing to know that you're basically playing a single player game at that point.

Comment Re:Genius ? Really ? No, Sir. (Score 4, Interesting) 662

At best, from the picture, the "clock" seems more to be a commercial product hacked up in a different case. Why would he add 2 source of power (9V battery + main) ? Why do this on 2 different boards linked up by ribbon cables ?

You answered your own question with your first sentence. According to analysis in TFA, he took apart an LED clock (a Micronta 63756 to be exact) and transplanted it into a pencil case. I had an old LED alarm clock (since replaced by my phone) that plugged into a 120V source, but also took 2 AA batteries as a backup source so that you wouldn't lose your alarm if the power went out. The oddities of the design are due to whatever engineer came up with it in the 70s.

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