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Comment Big problem is in-game spying... (Score 2, Funny) 170

The germans keep coming into World of Warcraft as your allies only to look at your gear then they suddenly stop aiding in the battle... They switch sides and use the intel against you... Worst of all they only play gnomes for maximum humiliation. Damn you German Gnomes! Damn You!

Comment My 2 cents... which is worth -25 cents (Score 1) 249

duh... subcategories... if you click on business apps to see the top 48... if you click see all you are dumped into paginated view 2212 apps... with the option to sort by name or release date... well thanks for nothing...


* White text on gray buttons is hard to read
* gray text on gray background is hard to read
* reflections on star ratings looks more busy than neat
* truncated... app titles should be revealed on hover or should wrap instead of truncating
* videos demonstrating features ... tired of finding out that the UI doesn't behave in a rational way or that the screen shots and description didn't accurately explain how the app works.

Comment news to nerds! stop making science hard! (Score 1) 899

Don't try to make science cool! Anything you try to make cool won't be! It's a scientific fact! Seriously though... someone should tell college professors to stop making science hard. If science was learnable and its concepts were more approachable then people would enjoy it. A lot of people drop out of hard sciences because professors want to make students "earn" it as well as "learn" it, like they did back in the day. I loved my science courses. I never understood why I had to run the engineering math gauntlet. The business math courses would have been a lot more practical and useful for myself and just about everybody I went to school with. I have a degree in physics... Science shouldn't be hard if you had instructors that are focused on making students understand. Physics is a good example... teachers that insist on drawing a picker and can explain concepts well make all the difference. Want more scientists... then teach science more effectively... hard = doesn't understand teacher

Some programming languages manage to absorb change, but withstand progress. -- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982