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Comment: Built these for my company, WIB - Wifi in a Box (Score 1) 438 438

Using the PC Engines ALIX platform - an Atheros based AR5413 802.11abg 500mW mini-PCI card
External omni-directional antenna
8GB CF card
rugged case
Sprint USB card
External cellular antenna
Ubuntu 8.10

Picture here (opened)
I think costs were about $500, but would probably be under $300
I've had one in my car for the past couple months, and it's been constant, roving Wifi.
Don't take the Sprint cards to Canada though, $5k in one month roaming fees isn't fun ;)

Comment: Downside to new Exchange support. (Score 1) 276 276

I have upgraded my machines to Snow Leopard, excited to use the Exchange support.
Only to find out it only works for Exchange 2007!
So, to move my clients off Windows/Outlook|Mac/Entourage I have to upgrade my Microsoft Exchange server to 2007?

That's not really helping *me*, Apple...

OTOH; I love getting disk space back from an upgrade - Mac Air 64GB SSD users rejoice. AND I love Apple's family pack pricing for my home Mac's. Also, WTF dropping Power PC support this soon?

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