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Comment: Re:chess championship (Score 1) 107

by doug141 (#48697231) Attached to: The New (Computer) Chess World Champion

Arimaa might make an interesting turing test. Your sig made me think of captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepard telling the story of the time he got a job testing the intelligence of a captive orca. The orca got all answers right immediately after training, then suddenly started getting them all wrong. Paul realized the Orca was testing him, too.

Comment: Re:Was cool in 2010 when foss BigBlueButton did th (Score 1) 99

by doug141 (#48609117) Attached to: Skype Unveils Preview of Live English-To-Spanish Translator

nothing I saw that indicates how much training the speech recognition needs.

Translators as a whole will never have enough training, since it's an art not perfected even by humans. When an idiom's literal translation is nonsense, the translator's job is about imperfect trade-offs.

Comment: Re:Academic Beclowining (Score 1) 213

by doug141 (#48494151) Attached to: Game Theory Analysis Shows How Evolution Favors Cooperation's Collapse

Nice strawman and ad-hominems. What I got out of the article was "So we see complicated dynamics when we allow the full range of payoffs to evolve,” Plotkin said. “One of the interesting results is that the Prisoner’s Dilemma game itself is unstable and is replaced by other games [stag-hunt & snowdrift]. It is as if evolution would like to avoid the [Prisoner's] dilemma altogether."

Comment: Re:Capitalism does not reward morality (Score 1) 197

by doug141 (#48423151) Attached to: Is a Moral Compass a Hindrance Or a Help For Startups?

Oops *soldier. Anyway, John offers to work (40 hours a week?) for rent. Bob says ok. After they have an agreed upon deal going for a few days, Bob says "Our deal was 40 hours a week 'for rent' (he made air-quotes and smiled). You have not been paying for my food that you have been eating. It'll be 80 hours a week now, making goods and services for me. Or get off my island."

John's move.

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