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Comment: Re:Act now! Avoid Doomsday! (Score 1) 224

by dottedlinedesign (#27731947) Attached to: What We Can Do About Massive Solar Flares
The last time I posted this link I got some guff but I think it's appropriate to post again. Nassim Haramein has been explaining for years that these solar flares would be occurring leading up to the year 2012: You can find his video "Crossing the Event Horizon" on BitTorrent.

Comment: Re:Truly Amazing (Score 2, Informative) 329

by dottedlinedesign (#27310491) Attached to: Reflected Gravitational Waves

This theory has implications that could revolutionize scientific thought across numerous fields. It may even provide some direction for the unified theory people to look in that isn't horribly complex and require inventing 1700 dimensions to make the math work.

Nassim Haramein has put forth a unified field theory which doesn't rely on made up science:

Comment: Re:Really (Score 0, Redundant) 71

by dottedlinedesign (#15796014) Attached to: Recording Skype Audio for Broadcast?
Tons of money for an expensive studio doesn't make a radio station either. Anything with a computer and an internet connection can be a radio station today. I also run a small radio station, although it's funded by a university, we don't have much equipment or money. We make due with what we have and that's what makes it fun.

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