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Comment She is being sexist (Score 1) 892

Seems like if she were truly interested in helping women, she would encourage, reward and train women to negotiate since it is a learned skill, not a gender based genetic trait. Instead, she takes the sexist position that women are inherently poor negotiators because of their gender, like it is genetic, so the only solution is to rig the selection process because women cannot be trained or encouraged to negotiate.

Comment Re:We never needed foreign workers (Score 0, Troll) 335

Thank you for your racist stereotyping. Along that same vein, whenever you get over 25% Christian people on a team, you start to see their cultural influence. Christians believe in pedophilia, serial killing, embezzling money, terrorism, and lynching minorities because they think their culture is superior. It starts to kill the team. And that's where I see most teams today in my company. PS Learn to spell, dumbass

Comment NVDIA's Plann (Score 1) 215

A GPU that replaces the CPU becomes the CPU. NVDIA created a GPU API that allows the GPU to be used for ANY computation and not be limited to graphics only. NVDIA is trying to become the CPU, or relegate the CPU to a very small role to grow NVDIA's business. They are trying to choke Intel by doing an end-run around the limits of their contract with Intel. As the GPU does more and more computation, it becomes indispensable.

Comment I do this now (Score 1) 265

I do this now--no cable TV at all, just DTV + Bunny ears. For me it sucks because I get a poor signal due to surrounding structures, thus the video pixelates and the sound stutters a lot. If I could get a decent signal, it would be a great alternative because the picture is crisp and clear.

Comment Wrong (Score 5, Informative) 779

Under title VII, they will lose. Unless the Supreme Court declares Title VII unconstitutional with respect to the 1st Amendment, of course, which they might since the new ones are a bunch of religious fundamentalists. The 1st Amendment does not give anyone a right to impose their religion on others as a condition of employment. http://www.eeoc.gov/types/religion.html

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