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Comment: Re:Lack of direction? (Score 2) 98

by dos4who (#42489033) Attached to: Facebook Gives Free Voice Calls a Trial Run in Canada
What they will get out of this is your biometric voice samples. Right now, if the go'vt wants to track (spy on) you and you don't have a sample already in their database, they have to go through various sources to see who you are. ie. Pix from Facebook and voice samples from either Google (voice) or Apple (Siri). This way, FB can offer up themselves as a one-stop-shop for any 3-letter homeland-security agency wanting to track you via video (pictures to run against video tracking) or audio (a verified voice sample to run against echelon/omnivore/etc).

Comment: I've said it before and I'll say it again... (Score 1) 57

by dos4who (#41555291) Attached to: FTC Releases Google Privacy Audit, Blacks Out the Details
My money's on the fact that they're building a massive biometric voice-print database on every single one of us every time we use Google's voice-to-text feature on an android device. Apple's not likely doing the same every time you use Siri. "Somebody"'s going to be very interested in accessing that information some day.

Comment: Your Unique Voice Print (Score 1) 232

by dos4who (#41394913) Attached to: Apple's Secret Plan To Join iPhones With Airport Security
I'm guessing they plan to use your unique voice signature... which is probably already in their database. C'mon... you telling me that every time you use Apple's Siri or Google's voice-to-text, etc that those giants are not saving all that data? My money's on the fact that they're building a massive biometric database on every single one of us. Thanks, Siri ;)

Comment: There's a lot to be said about... (Score 1) 112

by dos4who (#34603164) Attached to: Exposing the Link Between Cell Phones and Fertility
.. non-hypothesis-based data analysis. Take, for instance, some health data that was overlaid with GIS data at a health authority I worked at a few years back. One of the more curious combinations that popped up was the fact that there were a higher number of Leukemia cases in households that lived under high power electricity lines. We were all about to unanimously blame the cancer on the long-period-exposure to EMF, when someone who lived in the area brought up a good point... properties under the lines were less expensive that those properties away from the lines, and therefore more attractive to lower-income families - the very same lower income families whose eating habits are generally lower on the nutrition scale. ie: higher carbs & fats, with less roughage, antioxidants, etc, which all helps to contribute to poorer health.

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