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Comment: Re:work zones / new pavement with out lines (Score 3, Informative) 469

by doon (#38553200) Attached to: Ford System Will Warn, Correct Lane-Drifting Drivers

I've only had the system in my volvo get confused a couple of times in work zones. I haven't figured out the exact combination that triggers it, but when you have temp lines that got over other lines gradually that seems to confuse it a bit. but if the lines are at more severe angles to each other it seems to handle it just fine.

Comment: Re:Turn signals are a good thing (Score 1) 469

by doon (#38553182) Attached to: Ford System Will Warn, Correct Lane-Drifting Drivers

When driving in NJ (specifically Northern Jersey). I always thought that law had to be, turn signals optional, but if they are on, said car is coming over right away regardless of safety or a car in that lane. Well at least is the way the majority of the people on the major roads seem to drive :)

Comment: Re:Tomato (Score 1) 272

by doon (#27306893) Attached to: Botnet Worm Targets DSL Modems and Routers

If you allow root to login via ssh from $internet with a password (Regardless of strength). You've probably got issues... Seriously, Port knocking + moving the default ssh port + Public key to a non priv'ed account with a great password (for sudo access), and you are probably a bit better off. Now I have no idea if these devices can do any/all of that, as I have no interest in deploying them to find out.

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