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Comment Re:FFMPEG (Score 1) 133

This is not an accurate representation of what happened. And now I see that the LibAV team is joining back up with FFMPEG I am concerned, they changed LibAV so much that all the programs that relied on FFMPEG broke when they changed command line parameters, not to make anything better, just because they wanted to do it differently. This is bad news for FFMPEG http://www.theregister.co.uk/2...

Comment Re:Mplayer??? (Score 2) 133

That's good because that team screwed Fabrice Bellard over. All of their improvements aren't improvements, it is a pile of rubbish. I use Gentoo on my server, but on my desktop I use Sabayon as I hate recompiling a desktop. As far as I can tell even though Gentoo which Sabayon is based on has switched, Sabayon is still defaulting to libav,

Comment Re: Solar Farms in Rural areas actually heat the (Score 1) 336

1/5 is converted to energy, the rest is radiated into the surrounding area just like pavement does, albeit a little less than asphalt. Vegetation, absorbs light and emits heat as well, but it also cools the area via evaporative cooling. What people need to realize is that solar and wind power aren't completely free of environmental downsides. The best solution is to distribute your power generation among all the ways of making power. But honestly the best way to make power is hydroelectric, always has been. The Niagara powerplant provides 1/4 of all New York State's power.

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