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Comment: Unfeelable Earthquakes (Score 1) 166

by Tighe_L (#49423171) Attached to: The Arrival of Man-Made Earthquakes
Just like the great pacific garbage patch (which you can't see even if you are in the middle of it) this is just another environmentalist talking point. So there are all these earthquakes that only people with the right equipment can detect, and we must trust them because they are scientists with white lab coats and clipboards.

Comment: Yeah this is a great idea, not. (Score 1) 529

by Tighe_L (#46505977) Attached to: The Poor Neglected Gifted Child
While it sounds good on paper, I can see this making things worse for both "gifted" and "normal" students through unintentional and intentional consequences. Our education system in this country is already over legislated and regulated. Crap like this is why my 5 children are home-schooled. It sucks to have to do it, but at least I know what they are learning without any kind of labeling of themselves by some test evaluated ability. I always aced every test in school, but none of the tests ever prepared be for the real world.

Comment: This could have been better (Score 3, Interesting) 401

by Tighe_L (#44659177) Attached to: New, Canon-Faithful Star Trek Series Is In Pre-Production
I was talking to a friend about my idea for the next Star Trek show. One set in a remote federation outpost where a Federation Admiral is corrupt, and there is a crew of a non-federation (human captain) ship that is constantly having to deal with him. Think Dukes of Hazzard. The Admiral makes them out to be criminals, but the reverse is true and this ship is always coming to the aid of people in the sector while trying to scrape out a living and possible get the big score. The crew would be a Human male captain (I am thinking about reprising William Campbell as Thadiun Okona) An old Klingon with a death wish (just wants to die in battle, but whenever he get the chance he is needed and misses the opportunity) (also he likes 80s rock and plays the guitar) Exiled Romulan who constantly clashes with the Kingon (looking for evidence to go home and reunite with his family) Orion Slave Girl A female Nausicaan (twist that female Nausicaans are attractive) Vash might be a recurring guest star.

Comment: Re:No rights trodden here (Score 1) 668

by Tighe_L (#44351583) Attached to: Fifteen Years After Autism Panic, a Plague of Measles Erupts
Nazi's executed people with genetic defects and diseases in the "public interest", and while you may think it is fine to forcibly inject people with vaccines that are morally objectionable, I am sure you would hate it if they forced their beliefs on you, because whatever you say "science" is your religion. Science can be wrong, it has happened many times in the past. You are just as crazed as you say these religions people are. You need a little perspective. If they don't get vaccinated are they a hazard to you who is vaccinated? The answer is no.

Comment: Re:Actual facts about measles (Score 1) 668

by Tighe_L (#44350963) Attached to: Fifteen Years After Autism Panic, a Plague of Measles Erupts
Glad you are so happy to tread on another rights. By your same logic we should ban aspirin and alcohol too. "Conservative calculations estimate that approximately 107,000 patients are hospitalized annually for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)-related gastrointestinal (GI) complications and at least 16,500 NSAID-related deaths occur each year among arthritis patients alone." (Singh Gurkirpal, MD, “Recent Considerations in Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Gastropathy”, The American Journal of Medicine, July 27, 1998, p. 31S)

Comment: Re:Should be charged with child abuse (Score 0) 668

by Tighe_L (#44349871) Attached to: Fifteen Years After Autism Panic, a Plague of Measles Erupts
While measles can be fatal so can be Chicken Pox, so it would be like our children saying the same thing about Chicken Pox when they are adults. Sure it is uncomfortable and not at all desirable to get the parents should not be charged. Also there more than a fear of Autism there is a moral reason some choose not to have their children vaccinated, some of these vaccines were developed using aborted fetuses.

Comment: Enough with the sequels! (Score 1) 135

by Tighe_L (#44217365) Attached to: The Nintendo Sequels We're Still Desperately Missing
Nintendo has made a business reselling us the same games over and over with maybe slight improvements. I am done with this. How many times do I need to buy Super Mario Bros? I can play the old games and they are just as fun. Nintendo needs to make completely new games and stop focusing on giving us Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Mario Kart, etc.

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