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Comment: Re:WP not dead yet (Score 1) 136

by donutface (#41890927) Attached to: Nokia "Suspends" Its Free Developer Program

Windows Phone is just beginning. In one week it had 20,000 apps, 2 weeks later 50,000 apps, and another 2 weeks later, 60,000 apps! Apple and Android market place has more apps but I'm pretty sire it didn't grow this fast in their beginnings.

That's because all the employees, interns and so on at Microsoft are 'encouraged' to write a Windows Phone app by firing the ones that do not unless they have a note from their line manag excusing them. Also they MS bloggers, astroturfers etc have to mention the next Halo game - "Halo 5 - Flogging a dead Warthog", which will probably be a "Windows Phone 9" aka "XBox portable" exclusive the way things are going.

Dude, do you honestly think its only Microsoft employees who managed to code up and release 20,000-60,000 apps while still juggling their day job? Have you ever even attempted to write software?

Comment: Re:POS (Score 1) 101

by donutface (#40577213) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Model A Makes First Appearance

This "crippled piece of shit" can, among thousands of other things, run XBMC and output 1080p video, turning and dumb TV into a smartTV. Not too shabby for $25.

Only if you use one codec. No Xvid/mpeg2 etc.

I haven't tested with any 1080p DivX files, but the Pi plays SD DivX/XviD content without a sweat. I think this should comfortably play the majority of videos you throw at it.

Comment: Re:the price of gasoline, food, and housing (Score 1) 654

by donutface (#40431867) Attached to: Apple Store Employees Soak Up the Atmosphere, But Not Much Cash

Not really. It just needs other data to be meaningful: how much you guys pay in taxes overall.

If you don't pay as much sales or income tax, for example, then it balances out.

Sales tax (or VAT) in Ireland is currently at 23%. You also pay 20% income tax on anything up to 32,800 euro and 41% on anything above that. You are issued a number of tax credits which reduces your tax burden somewhat, but once you go above the 32,000 mark you'll be taxed pretty heavily. There are further taxes on income ontop of this. Its a massive contrast to WA for instance where sales tax was at 11% and there was no state income tax

Comment: Re:Local DC++ hubs, magnet and torrent trackers (Score 1) 412

by donutface (#38791993) Attached to: Filesonic Removes Ability To Share Files

Some curiosity:In Bulgaria and also most other eastern European countries there used to be a funny practice amongst ISP's:Each internet provider used to have a NAS/LAN server, accessible only to subscribers/customers, loaded with warez, pr0n and movies, in a catalog type of way, year by year. This was way back in 1999- 2005. So You basically see what your monthly fee is, now much Mbps you get up/down, and also what kind of "bonus" warez this particular ISP has to offer, lol! I almost canot believe this was the de facto standard for many years!

Many American ISPs (even AOL) included Usenet as part of their subscriptions back in the day.

Comment: Re:Is it even possible to roll back a bitcoin trad (Score 1) 642

by donutface (#36494900) Attached to: Bitcoin Price Crashes

I was wondering that myself, but I think it must justnbe MtGox transactions rather than all BitCoin transactions.

I was a bit worried there. I got the email about Mt Gox being compromised, and soon afterwards my Gmail account stopped working. I'm guessing maybe Google just reset the passwords of everyone who got the Mt Gox email.. because my password isn't the same between the sites.. and Google asked me to change my password when I logged in via a browser.

Same happened here too. I think its quite an invasion of privacy on googles part.

Comment: Re:Windows Phone 7 (Score 1) 580

by donutface (#36384530) Attached to: Silverlight Developers Rally Against Windows 8

So... lemme get this straight, MS is not the market leader in either dynamic webpages OR cellphones, but it wants to win that market by trying to force people to go with their nonstandard tools that work on nothing but their own platform with a market share the size of OS/2?

Good luck...

Microsoft is a market leader as far as development tools go (Visual Studio, .net, etc). Don't underestimate what a couple of billion dollars and a few years worth of development and marketing can bring you.

Comment: Re:This resembles TV Shop... (Score 1) 143

by donutface (#35929792) Attached to: What Kinect Could Be, But Probably Won't

In commercials you always see how some ordinary thing is so very difficult and cubersome to do. You know... "Vacuuming under the sofa is so hard and the vacuum cleaner doesn't fit there well and you have to (*gasp*) kneel down and it still won't be perfectly clean... But if you buy Super Cleaner (TM) RIGHT NOW you'll...". At that point, every regular person should go "Excuse me? I've vacuumed under the sofa and it's not that difficult, really".

This style of advertising seems to be much more common in the U.S (Maybe Canada but I've only spent a few hours there) than in Western Europe. Our advertisers tend not to treat their target audience like retards as that means that only retards will relate and buy their products.

Comment: Re:verified? (Score 1) 515

by donutface (#35672918) Attached to: Samsung Plants Keyloggers On Laptops
The one exception I'd like to make to this is Dr Watson crash reports. A full dump may contain PII due to the very nature of a process dump. These are rarely submitted and the user is made aware of the fact that PII may be contained in the report. Most of the time, in the event of a process crashing a microdump is sent containing not much more than a call stack and a report on the hardware the application is being run under.

Comment: Re:verified? (Score 1) 515

by donutface (#35672722) Attached to: Samsung Plants Keyloggers On Laptops

any other sources on this, it seems an incredibly stupid thing to do for a non-microsoft company.

I've seen how Microsoft does Business Intelligence and there is huge emphasis on not collecting any personally identifiable information. Things like submitting the path to a certain file is not allowed due to the possibility that the file might be stored in a users home directory and thus give out a user name/something that could possibly be tracked back to the actual user.

If you have any examples of Microsoft logging personally identifiable information I'd love to know though

Comment: Re:I'd hope that's not in Zimbabwe dollars (Score 1) 115

by donutface (#34730504) Attached to: Zimbabwe Gov't Websites Hit By Pro-WikiLeaks DDoS Attack
Thanks for the information I thought otherwise. Theyre pretty expensive on Ebay considering their actual value. When I ordered 100 trillion zim dollars for 5 euro, I was convinced it was fake. But no the country is just in so much crap that they can't even watermark their newer currency.

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