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Comment: Re:That should scare the NSA (Score 1) 124

by dontfearthereaper (#45742251) Attached to: UN Votes To Protect Privacy In Digital Age
Wrong on all parts.
The majority of countries in the European continent COMBINED pay more than the US in direct monetary contribution. The US just so happens to provide an on demand military force for the UN, paid for by the US taxpayer. The US also just so happens to pay for 'round the clock security and upkeep for the building in NYC, which costs a few hundred thousand dollars PER DAY when they're NOT IN SESSION. It's over a million when they are. In reality the US taxpayers pay for nearly half of the UNs functions wholesale.

Comment: Re:Douchebag Hero (Score 1) 601

by dontfearthereaper (#44099965) Attached to: Edward Snowden is ...
Only the sheeple were surprised by this revelation. I also wouldn't say he did it the wrong way. If he went to congress about this, it would be brushed aside and he would be 'silenced' as he is now a threat. Either bringing this up the 'wrong' way (as he did) or the 'right' way ('right' is very dependent on whom you ask), he would have faced severe repercussions. At least this way, everything is now very much public and the 'authorities' will have a more difficult time dealing with this without having to stand trial in the court of public opinion and dealing with negative press. The 'sheepdogs' have long since turned on the gov't..... but they can't afford the sheep turning on them too.

Comment: Re:allies? (Score 2) 395

by dontfearthereaper (#43840021) Attached to: Chinese Hackers Steal Top US Weapons Designs
Whether or not they try to make cheap knock-offs is one thing. The Chinese government learning the designs and having their military's R&D use whatever weaknesses they find in our systems to 1, circumvent our defenses, 2, figure out how to take control of these weapons systems and either shut them down or turn them on us, and 3 - sell the information to our enemies. Our country has enough problems without having the blueprint to our defenses on the black market. People fail to remember that the absurd strength of our military is meant to be a deterrent in itself. We've just been duped into being the world police as of late....

Comment: Freedom, once lost, is never returned (Score 0) 115

by dontfearthereaper (#43254539) Attached to: US Gov't To Scan More Civilian Infrastructure Traffic
This is your privacy being slowly but surely encroached on..... once everyone is used to this... next it'll be just a bit closer to your home.... and a bit more.... eventually everyone's home is bugged...

Next thing you know, you're being black bagged by some government goon and being hauled off as a usurper or something.

Don't believe this shit is coming? Take a good read of Orwell's 1984, the movie Demolition Man or V for Vendetta and then compare the similarities to the likes of Europe or China, or the "Smart City" in South Korea where everyone is chipped and every. single. action. is tracked.

Comment: Re:Place names (Score 1) 642

by dontfearthereaper (#42935185) Attached to: The US Redrawn As 50 Equally Populated States
Why do you have to be a repugnican or democrap?

If people would turn the MSM off and think for themselves, the vast majority of this country would probably find themselves to be 'libertarian.' People like to say that libertarians are 'conspiracy theorist wackjobs,' when in reality, far too many of those 'conspiracy theories' have held way too much water lately. We have gone far askew of what the framers had intended when they set up the 'federalist' system. The Federal Gov't was never supposed to have anywhere near as much power as it has now by a long shot. High school and some college US history classes will tell you that "The Civil War was fought over slavery." Which couldn't be more wrong if you wanted it to be. The Civil War was about the northern 'left leaning' states imposing power and governance over the southern 'right leaning' states, and stripping the southern states of their rights as individual states. We are looking at the same issues that they were looking at in the Civil War, but today. Regardless of the issue, it boils down to 'States' Rights.' The Federal gov't, constitutionally speaking, DOES NOT have the right to hold the power it currently does, and has been in direct violation of the constitution for DECADES, going back to President Lincoln himself. Lincoln violated the constitution by not relinquishing executive power during wartime after the war was over. This may have been an oversight, as he was assasinated and may have never got the chance to relinquish said power, or it may have been intentional. In either case, as his actions apply to the OFFICE of the Presidency, not the sitting President himself. this creates a 'dictatorship by proxy' as now the president can do nearly as he pleases, which has become a growing problem over the years. Jump to modern day: now we have presidents that do as they please and have no problem saying that they will do as they please. Neither the states, nor the people, have no rights in the eyes of the fed, and the president can legislate as he pleases .

Currently, congress, as a whole, doesn't have the balls to do anything about it, and probably doesn't care.
The Federal Reserve shouldn't even exist, as it is an unconstitutionally instated institution, and acts unilaterally, despite congress being the branch in charge of coining and maintaining currency.
The conversion of our currency from gold-backed, to debt based was unconstitutional, and a general failure on the behalf of congress as it put the US on a debt based monetary system.
Congress can't pass a budget, which is a failure of the office and a constitutional violation.
The supreme court has begun to legislate from the bench (unconstitutional as hell)
The Bill of Rights means nothing and does not exist for those who disagree with the government and/or popular establishment

The masses are eating the bullshit fed to them by the MSM verbatium
The masses are too chickenshit to exercise their rights, and those that aren't are called lunatics

All libertarians are really asking for is a return to CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, instead of continuing the path to ruin

If you want to know who I voted for? it was George Carlin (yes the comedian) because the choice between a socialist dictatorship and a elitist autocracy is a goddamn joke. If the government is going to be a fucking joke, at least have a proper comedian at the helm.

Comment: Re:Nothing related to guns can be considered "smar (Score 1) 1388

by dontfearthereaper (#42544663) Attached to: Smart Guns To Stop Mass Killings
You asked for stories: (WRAL TV) (link confirming the aforementioned) (mom defends herself and her kids from asshat hellbent on getting his hands on her)

You can find these stories all over the internet... just google "______________ defends themselves with a firearm" (fill in the blank) and you'll find plenty of stories like these.

Another thing that you'll find (if you do some research and ignore the lamestream media and BS talking points from both sides) is that the gross majority of these mass killings are done by deranged individuals with histories of mental illness, criminal actions, terrorist connections, and the like. Very few of the weapons used to perform these horrid actions were acquired legally, and even fewer were legally allowed to even possess a firearm.

Here's a link to some no bullshit firearms statistics: (

Comment: Re:You don't (Score 1) 683

I'm assuming this guy knows what he's talking about...... given that, there's a few options here:
- 'Mr. Horrible' is trying to protect his job by making his code such a PITA, that no one else wants to deal with it.(It's a nightmarish task for an elderly individual to find a programming job in the current IT community)
- 'Mr. Horrible' is stuck in or was taught some antiquated/obfuscated/twisted/bass akward coding methodology, either by choice or simple habit, and refuses to change (lots of older people are this way).
- 'Mr. Horrible' fully knows and understands what he is doing, and is doing it solely to piss you young whipper snappers off.
- 'Mr. Horrible' just wants to watch the world burn.

Comment: Re:Legal? (Score 1) 181

by dontfearthereaper (#42191953) Attached to: Verizon Patents Eavesdropping Using Your TV For Ad Targeting

How does this get around wire-tapping laws...

Pretty easily actually....
First: bury it in layers and layers of fine print and legalese in the EULA, which, lets face it, no one actually reads.
Second: incentivization. Offers for free crap in the US sells crap quicker than ammunition sells in the middle east.
Third: Lobbying: sell it to congressional officials as a 'counter terrorism' tool, build in a back door for DoD/DHS and it'll be legalized in the annual defense authorization bills almost instantaneously.

Will it be abused? When hasn't a corporation and/or government entity abused something?
You tell me....

Most public domain software is free, at least at first glance.