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Comment: Re:That's fine (Score 1) 315

by dontclapthrowmoney (#43826657) Attached to: Cockroaches Evolving To Avoid Roach Motels


Long term exposure to boric acid may be of more concern, causing kidney damage and eventually kidney failure (see links below). Although it does not appear to be carcinogenic, studies in dogs have reported testicular atrophy after exposure to 32 mg/kg bw/day for 90 days. This level is far lower than the LD50.

I'd rather put up with roaches?

Comment: Re:Thats no way to be a good citizen (Score 1) 385

by dontclapthrowmoney (#41448979) Attached to: Woz Applying For Australian Citizenship Because of the NBN

... too big and don't have the population density. I'm sure the Australians will run into the same problem sooner or later.

Australia ran into that problem a long time ago...

Population is about 22 million people according to google.

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