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+ - Teachers Give ERP Implementations Failing Grades

Submitted by
theodp writes "Nine months after the Los Angeles Unified School District launched SAP HR and Payroll as part of a larger $132M ERP rollout, LAUSD employees are still being overpaid, underpaid or going unpaid. In June, about 30,000 paychecks were issued with errors, falling somewhat short of the Mission Statement "to effectively deliver services to meet the payroll needs of all District employees serving our students." Meanwhile, a $17M PeopleSoft-based payroll implementation has been making life miserable for Chicago Public Schools teachers and staff since last April, including June retirees who were stiffed for more than $35M. It's been a bad computer year for CPS staff, who also had to contend with a new $60M system that wasn't up to the task of taking attendance."

+ - 419ers busted, $2.1 billion in fraudulent checks s

Submitted by nevillethedevil
nevillethedevil (1021497) writes "Ars Technica are reporting on joint operation between the National Consumer League and the US Postal Inspection Serviceleading to the arrest of 77 international spammers. From the Article: "Authorities in several countries have cracked down on Nigerian e-mail scammers, resulting in the seizure of over $2.1 billion in fraudulent checks. The National Consumers League, in conjunction with the US Postal Inspection Service, announced yesterday that 77 arrests have been made in connection with the scams. Those arrested were from Nigeria, the Netherlands, and Canada, although the organizations are careful to note that swindlers could come from anywhere.""

+ - SCO to be delisted from Nasdaq

Submitted by
Frosty Piss
Frosty Piss writes "SCO has six months to get its share price trading above $1 for a sustained period or it will be delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange. SCO has been trading below $1 since March 13. It now has until October 22 to get above $1 for 10 consecutive days, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. SCO's share price plunged below $1 in December 2006 after US District Judge Dale Kimball affirmed an earlier ruling limiting the SCO's claims against IBM to just 106 items of evidence. Just days later Novell filed a request for a partial summary judgment that could cripple SCO's already diminished breach of contract and copyright case against IBM. The company has avoided delisting once before, but perhaps SCO's days are numbered."
The Internet

+ - Poll: Most Americans Filing Taxes Online

Submitted by IdidITAgain
IdidITAgain (1011153) writes "The frantic ritual of racing to the post office to get tax returns postmarked just in time to satisfy the Internal Revenue Service is giving way to the online age most people file their tax returns electronically now because it's convenient, despite lingering concerns about the security of their most sensitive financial information, according to a new AP-AOL Money & Finance poll."

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