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Comment Team Umizoomi (Score 1) 165

My daughter worked all the way through this app on my iPhone when she was 4; If we get an iPad this Xmas, we're getting the Hello Kitty apps first.

We also have the pencil-n-paper Umizoomi boxes and some of the Hello Kitty workbooks and flashcards; this seems to make the transition to her PK class easier.


Multiplayer Mobile AR Gaming With No Dedicated Server 14

MIT's Technology Review discusses a new augmented-reality game for Android phones called Photoshoot, which allows multiplayer without the need for an additional server. Quoting: "Multiplayer games on mobile devices like phones usually require remote servers for communication between devices and game hosting, says Roelof Kemp, a computer scientist at Vrije Universiteit, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, who codeveloped the game. But the game allows phones to communicate without the cost and added complexity of maintaining this additional infrastructure, he says. 'We hope it's going to open the door for new and interesting distributed computing applications,' says Kemp. The game uses a computing middleware system, called Ibis, originally developed for high-performance, distributed computing tasks, such as image processing or astrophysics research, but which Kemp and colleagues have adapted to run on Android phones. 'It allows each phone to run a lightweight communication server,' says Kemp. The devices can communicate directly with the game, which is hosted on both handsets, using a 3G connection or Wi-Fi."

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