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Comment: Re:Hoax? (Score 2) 142

by dominux (#46659471) Attached to: Skydiver's Helmet Cam Captures a Falling Meteor

Burned out meteors have slowed down to terminal velocity (or close to it) so they would be going at a similar speed to a rock tossed from a plane, several times faster than the terminal velocity of a human, but only a few hundred meters per second, the video is within the plausible zone for speed. Pretty astonishing bit of video.

Comment: Re:What's bzr? (Score 3, Informative) 252

by dominux (#45845673) Attached to: Emacs Needs To Move To GitHub, Says ESR

it pre-dates git by a year, it was the NiH version of cvs and svn. Bzr was doing useful stuff before anyone realised Git would ever be used for anything other than the Linux kernel source tree. That isn't to say that NiH isn't sometimes a good thing, and that Canonical do daft things from time to time, but bzr wasn't a NiH reaction to Git.

Comment: they should just tell their employees what to do (Score 1) 903

by dominux (#45838833) Attached to: US Justice Blocks Implementation of ACA Contraceptive Mandate

This is how insurance works, if a group of people have lower risk factors for certain things then the premiums come down. So if these particular employers want the premiums to not include birth control then they should tell their employees not to have sex or whatever. That way if the employees end up costing the insurance companies less in terms of birth control then the premiums will adjust accordingly (though they would probably will go up due to increased demand for pregnancy care and terminations). Campaigning to have their employees treated as a distinct category for actuarial purposes would be mildly logical and certainly better than campaigning to give their employees worse healthcare.

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by dominux (#45651189) Attached to: British Police Censor the Global Internet

the City of London is a square mile business district, the Lord Mayor is the head of the City of London Corporation, and is Fiona Woolf at the moment. Boris is the Mayor of London - that is Greater London, and what Americans think of as London, not the City of London Corporation. It is actually the Livery Companies (like the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists) that elect the Lord Mayor. It is weirder than you think.

Comment: Re:Illustration of the issue (Score 1) 196

by dominux (#45421355) Attached to: Mark Shuttleworth Apologizes for Trademark Action Against Fix Ubuntu

Do you still want to do the kite thing? You went about it all wrong, if the request came via the North Carolina LoCo team leader (or probably anyone with an email address) it would probably have gone through fine. Random commercial kite manufacturers contact trademarks directly, community advocacy goes through the community structures. If your request is "I want to sell $foo with your logo on it" and you send it practically anywhere the answer will either be "no" or "you look serious, lets talk royalties" but to get to the second answer you have to put in some effort to look serious - and include some numbers. If you don't want the normal rules of the world to apply to you then fine, there is a channel for that, but you didn't use it. If you still want to do it then reply to this and I will put you in contact with the right people.

Comment: terrible article. This is what is happening . . . (Score 1) 183

by dominux (#44922445) Attached to: The Dash Is Now Anonymized In Ubuntu 13.10

so the problem was that you type stuff in the dash, that goes to various results providers (scopes) including one that sent it to, which in turn queried the Amazon API for your search term (and the youtube API and some other places) (the new smart scopes thing is a server-side variable bias that it applies to the sources of results). So, gives you some results, in these were some image thumbnail URLs, pointing directly at Amazons image CDN. This means Amazon would see an API query from, followed shortly by some image retrievals from somewhere else on the internet. This could in theory (if Amazon track CDN gets) be used to correlate the images with you and what you search for. What they do now is reverse proxy the images. So you search in the dash and Canonical get your IP address and query, then they ask Amazon for the results and images, then Canonical serve it all up to you. Thus Amazon don't get that tiny fragment of information about what images popped up on your screen in response to a query, and the concept of the images coming from a local CDN node is broken - they come from the node closest to Canonicals server then get served to you from there. So, in short, this is a somewhat inefficient fix to a non-problem identified against one search source of many.

+ - How to notice emails you don't get->

Submitted by dominux
dominux (731134) writes "I get several emails a day from cronjobs and backup systems that I thought at the time would be useful, so I will know when something goes wrong so I can go fix it. In reality I set up rules to shove all that stuff in a folder that I never look at. If someone tells me there is a problem I can go and look at the emails — but this isn't the proactive setup I thought it would be. Now I could set up a proper monitoring system with Nagios, but I kind of like the simplicity of getting things to send emails when they are done. I couldn't find a way to set up mail filters based on the non-arrival of an email so I ended up writing a system to accept all those automated emails with rules about what it should expect to arrive. It then emails me if an exception happens, so the only emails I get are the ones I need to care about. It seemed useful enough that I made it into a website at Source is on github and it is AGPL3, I might end up charging a nominal fee for the hosted version at some point if you want lots of alerts.
Does anyone have an alternative way to solve this kind of problem?"

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:The real agenda? (Score 5, Informative) 168

by dominux (#44811853) Attached to: Intel, Red Hat Working On Enabling Wayland Support In GNOME
lets see . . .
  • Upstart was written before systemd started.
  • Unity was released before gnome-shell was released.
  • Mir is being released before Wayland.
  • Bzr was written before Git started.
  • Launchpad was written before Github (and is open source).

Canonical bashing might be all the rage at the moment, but I can see how they are feeling a bit hard done by with all these accusations that they should have used subsequent products instead of the ones they wrote first.

Comment: Re:and why not? (Score 2, Insightful) 227

by dominux (#44704877) Attached to: How One Man Turns Annoying Cold Calls Into Cash

0844 is national rate, not premium. Our office number is one digit away from the Maplin number.
You can get a bit of revenue from an 0844, we don't from ours, but we get it for free as a SIP trunk and we get pretty much free outbound calling. We don't use phones much anyway really, nasty noisy things.

Comment: Re:there will be zero lateral G (Score 1) 385

by dominux (#44583871) Attached to: Transport Expert Insists 'Don't Dismiss Wacky Hyperloop'

yeah, vertical acceleration with respect to the floor position when you got in, but you are almost lying down in that seat design, so it will be pressing on your back. Rollercoasters will do -1G of acceleration in loops (or a touch more), which added to the 1G of gravity is 0G in the frame of reference of the passengers. They will also easily do 1G at the bottom of the loop (when going faster (yes, I know about teardrop loops)) which adds to the 1G of gravity to give 2G. Some rollercoasters peak at about 5G.

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