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Comment Update & security responsiveness (Score 5, Insightful) 666

By and large the CentOS team do an excellent job with the distribution - but it's a volunteer effort and there have been some notable times lately when important or security updates which have been shipped by Red Hat run late with CentOS, sometimes by a considerable amount of time.

If the CIO wants CentOS over Red Hat, he also needs to be prepared to accept the risk of delayed updates, no guarantees to updates or bug fixes and that one annoying time a particular server suffers an obscure bug, there won't be a vendor to go back to for obtaining a resolution.

Comment Re:Missing Option: ABS (Score 1) 291

thanks, I agree with you completely, I'm actually currently working on a new website design.

I've been spending all my time making great software but too little on the site. ;-)

Regarding tax systems, you can define any number of different sales tax types in the application and it should meet the needs of any country.

Comment Missing Option: ABS (Score 2, Informative) 291

For those who are interested in an open source billing system, I'm the lead developer of a program called the Amberdms Billing System. It provides accounting, timesheets and service billing and is available under the GNU AGPL or as a hosted service. Check it out at www.amberdms.com/billing

Comment Re:No Laptop (Score 1) 257

I need to access it pretty much daily. As well as that, I also need to access my business accounting software and customer management systems. I'm sure a lot of other travelers will need to access their internet banking every few days or so as well, and a public terminal just isn't secure enough for that.

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