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Comment: Re:"Paid Apps" (Score 3, Informative) 55

by docwhat (#27153895) Attached to: Google Straightens Out Its Stance On Paid Apps

Apps have two "flags" that can be set:
  * Paid -- a payment is required.
  * Copy Protected -- The user isn't allowed to copy the app.

With ADP1.1, you can see and download applications as long as they don't have the copy protection flag turned on.

This means you can purchase apps or download the free ones; unless the app is copy protected.

This is because the copy protection is simply filesystem based: the apps are placed in a directory only root can access.

If you have an ADP1.1, the you can access this copy protected directory.

Google claimed that they deliberately didn't do "forward-locking" because it was error prone and ruined the experience for users.


If this is a service economy, why is the service so bad?