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Comment: Re:Well, let's face it ... (Score 4, Interesting) 390

by doconnor (#48480169) Attached to: First Star War Episode 7 Trailer Released

Unlike most media companies, Disney takes the long view of merchandising. Anyone was can make a movie that sells merchandising for a year or so, but Disney knows that for a movie to be able to keep selling merchandise for 70+ years, like Snow White has, the movie has to have a very appealing and timeless story to it. The original trilogy has that long term appeal. That is something Disney is going to try to recapture.

Comment: Re:Redrum (Score 1) 400

Because he is booting from a LiveUSB, it gets a completely refreshed system every time he boots and the defaults are restored. It's probably not easy to change the default on the LiveUSB, especially since he, no doubt, is always optimistic he is just about to fix his main system.

Comment: Re:why does the CRTC need this list? (Score 2) 324

by doconnor (#47948683) Attached to: Canadian Regulator Threatens To Impose New Netflix Regulation

I suspect they just want to know how many customers they have, not specifically who they are.

One of the CRTC jobs is to ensure Canadian TV content gets created and we are not stuck with 100% American programming and Canadian culture disappears entirely. If everyone starts watching all their TV on Netflex and similar services, Canadian TV could all but disappear. Most counties other then US have systems to ensure domestic content is produced, but Canada is so close to the US, the pressure far greater.

Movies aren't subject to regulation and Canadian made movies are barely seen in cinemas (and the few that are tend to be based on Canadian TVs shows).

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