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Comment Re:if you are that ignorant of his work... (Score 1) 787

The Shah was an evil bastard. The US really should have had no business making allies with evil dictatorships just because we were scared of socialist takeovers.

Uh, that was the entire foreign policy of the US from 1950 onwards. Your suggestion of US staying out would have caused the unemployment of thousands of sleazy CIA agents whose only job was to force out legitimate democratically elected leaders in these middle eastern and banana republic countries, and install diktators like the Shah, install corript leaders like tha Saudi regime and their Bin Laden cohorts, and Cuba, The Contra crap That Senile POS y'all had for a president .. that imported all that cocaine for harlem. so he could get guns. actually said "Im proud to be a contra in spirit".
WHat can out of work CIA agents like that possibly do for a job otherwise? Perhaps the mob can take them in? ;-)

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 787

I'd do the "Magic Christian" thing ;-) Amazing how many relieved homeless people there could be. Of course I notice because I live in the area with the hiighest level of homeless in Canada. OK so maybe some would go and spend it on booze or a rock.. Others wouldn't. Holding back assistance because you don't know what they'd spend tt on is elitist and self righteous. The only reason God allows some people to become rich is to help the less fortunate. This isn't *my* opinion, incidentally. This is what people that have died for anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours were told. By what they recognized as "God". And furthermore, in their "life reviews" the biggest question was always "what did you do for others around you?" Check it out for yourself at Youtube's ndeaccounts...

Comment But until it has a GUI.. (Score 1) 160

Then even people who should know better will see it as just another CLI based OS. All the "Good feelings" garnered for pre 2009 OSX and NextStep etc, were based on their human interface component. The fact in this case, however, is that there'a a huge opportunity here to create a far better interface. Something less blocky than OSX and the "Next" interface, Something with all the good improvements of Finder and Explorer, as well as all the different Linux GUIs. Something that REALLY "just works" .. like Macs used to... Now *if* that can be smoothly integrated into a solid BSD underpinning..we'd have another BeOS ;-)

Comment Re:I've had this as a plug-in. (Score 1) 190

Look, I'm dancing...firstly, Google is freezing ALL flash ads.. and second, the ads aren't blocked, you can see them any time you want to. Do you REALLY think autoplaying flash ads encourage business, or cause so much aggravation the the consumers run away from their products. With me, it's the latter. And I surely can't be the only one.

Comment Re:Define "crash". (Score 1) 168

Same as if power is killed in any initial write. I can't accept any drive can be psychic and know what's not yet written I suppose heuristics could fill in some missing data but it surely can't complete all the data that never even hit the cache. I'm no programmer or expert so perhaps I'm missing something here...

Comment Re:Warning (Score 1) 144

...Copyright comes with a cost, and that cost is that after a limited time the work is no longer "owned" but belongs to the public at large.

Are you fucking serious? Or just mentally frikkin deficient? Copyright lasts a minimum of 90 years now, and they're pushing for far more. Nobody ALIVE would ever see it enter the public domain. Your statement is fraudulent on the very face of it.

Comment Re:Confessed? (Score 1) 244

NEVER confess to anything! All they've done is to hang themselves. Gubbermint says, "We don't like what you're doing." Your response? Are you really going to tell gubbermint, "Oh, I'm so sorry - please, just lock me away for a few decades!"

The better response is, "Prove your case, assholes!"

Torture? The dreaded Golden Girls torture? What kind of geek is that stupid? Oh.. "We'll tell your moms" OK....

Comment Re:I would laugh so hard... (Score 1) 105

what is the hidden cost or mice allready would be smarter?

They'll start to think they're rats. And that's about all. Mice will never rule the world. Mice are significantly stupider than rats. If they did this same gene alteration to rats, however, we'd have an epidemic of technically proficient rats on our hands. OTOH, think of the market potential for used 3.5" iPhones!

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