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Comment: Re:Good operating systems Dont. (Score 1) 560

by doccus (#49182595) Attached to: Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions
Up until around OSX 10.4, Macs used *both* extensions and internal type/creator codes.. meaning that if you deleted the extension, the file woiuld still be recognized for what it was. Around the time Apple dropped power PC support, extensions were used exclusively, just like earlier versions of windows. Should you delete the extension, OSX is completely unable to identify the file.

Comment: Re:How is this different than encrypted online bac (Score 1) 136

by doccus (#49159007) Attached to: Under US Pressure, PayPal Stops Working With Mega
Well, what that means is it's back to harddrives if you don't want to lose your data.. since any cloud service that doesn't toe the line will be bullied into bankrupcy.. and your data lost with it. I'm going to back up all my Mega backups.. and that's all I've used it for, is backups..

Comment: Re:I just must be drunk. (Score 1) 98

by doccus (#49154769) Attached to: Fighting Scams Targeting the Elderly With Old-School Tech
Ah.. classical economics.. where everything made sense. You must have been reading some mighty old textbooks. Don't let your prof see you reading anything other than neo-classical economics texts these days.. or the idea that money actually "trickles up" might caatch on again.. Can't have that now. Back near 100 years ago, the cabals of the wealthy got together and, based on their experience from the depression, realized that the financial impact to them of an entire segment of society being in dire poverty was catastrophic. In order to preserve what they had and to keep complete social breakdown from occuring, they realized the option of treating the problem with increased policing jails and hospitalization was more expensive by several *orders of magnitude* , whereas providing a no questions asked stipend for the poor, single moms (there were no single dads beck then) , the elderly, and sick was far less considering the benefits to them (the wealthy). Compassion wasn't a factor in the decision. Somewhere down the line, however, they got so wealthy that the conditions in society at large could no longer touch them, and so they stayed out of any debates where people started asking "why are we supporrting these poor, sick, and elderly freeloaders? "If they're poor it's because they're too lazy to work", and "if they're sick or elderly, they're just taking up hospital bed space that could be used by a deserving young person.. .." If they'd rather die than go to a welfare hospital, then let them die ..all the better to decrease the surplus population." After all - "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?" "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?" (THX Mr Dickens!) So there's no surprise that since the purse strings for social sevices dried up, society has gone to rot. The Cabal of the wealthy knew the consequences of such actions, even 100 years ago...

Comment: Re:Stomp Feet (Score 1) 389

by doccus (#49154591) Attached to: Verizon Posts Message In Morse Code To Mock FCC's Net Neutrality Ruling
I must be missing something is the right to block or slow down my (or anyone's) connection a matter of 1st or 5th amendment rights, or in fact any kind of rights or freedoms? The ISP doesn't like what you're viewing or downloading? - Their preferred answer is to block it.. Doesn't sound very "fair" to me... Or is that the point? It seems like everybody's against both camps here, the new "neutrality" rules and the ISP preferences.. What I'm trying to figure out is what does the FCC (i.e. DHS/CIA) expect to get out of this?

Comment: Re:No story? (Score 1) 212

by doccus (#49106237) Attached to: The Best, and Worst, Places To Drive Your Electric Car
WEll, having owned an electric vehicle, I thought they were going to talk about the best and worst *types* of places to drive them i.e. highways vs city - short hops vs loong trips,.. Of course chargers are now more common, and mine being a bike was able to plug into house current.. but when you're stuck out in the middle of the highway there's not a lot of outlets available, tho..

Comment: Take it up with God..then (Score 1) 532

by doccus (#49101105) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression
Or take it up with whatever alien species thought it was such a good idea to bioengineer humans by using Chimpanzee DNA as starter material. Chimps are miserable violent species that'll just as readily kill you and eat you raw, than befriend you. And, as seems likely, they added alien dna to chimp's, we lost all the natural bacterial and viral resistance, and physical strength inherent in terran species, in order to develop attributes suitable for interplanetary travel. And then they leave us earthbound. Great..

Comment: Re:It was always just a matter of time... (Score 1) 116

by doccus (#49096091) Attached to: The Disastrous Privacy Consequences of Canada's Anti-Terrorism Bill
We were always further down that path than America ever was. For most of our history we have noy even had a constitutionand our bill of "rights" laughably put, was written in the 1700s by the British, who we of course know care so vewry much about privacy and rights themselves, and kings in the 1700 even less so...Any PM could invoke martial law at any time for any reason throughout our history as Trudeau did in 1970 and we all did during the world wars, doing to the *canadian born* Japanese precisely what the Nazis did to the Jews. Only difference is we didn't gas them after stealing all their money and property, and then placing them in ghettos, just deported them after stealing all their money and property, and then placing them in ghettos.I grew up in a Canadian border citynext to some of the highest black concentrations in America, yet I never even saw a single African or JAmaican born or even Canadian born Black person for the first 20 years of my life. Apparently the human rights violations were so incredibly severe and obnoxious here that they actually were all "run out of town". A feat even the KKK was unable to accomplish in the south. We have had terrible police abuses here, right up until today, where we are still in the national news for corrupt or even perverted cops using their badges to get drugs sex and other favors. Rights here mean nothing. The ONLY advantage here has been internet freedom, freedom from some of the more heavy handed DMCA type scams by the majors, until Harper caved in and gave them even more than they asked for. A massive citizens protest consisting of MILLIONS of people didn't even get into the NEWS, owned as it is by only a couple of orgganizations. Same with all our broadcasting. A couple of controllers. Three ISPs, each with their own guaranteed territory to preventy ompetition. No waay to hold any elected official accountable. Hell, they can have an alcohol fuelled accident across the border, and even if they hold one of the top 20 jobs, all they have to do is say "I'm sorry I won't do it again" and no more is said about it.. If anyone dares complain they find their funding withdrawn. Can't be sure that's why the same gov't put M.A.D.D. out of theur officves the next year after. Just coincidence. right? No, friends, we already have a strong history here. no neew to follow after America's example. Only Grear Britain could possibly, in msny ways, equal, and even surpass us, since, after all, they were our source of inspiration as to how to defeat these peculiar thinking settlers in the new world.. Against King and Country and "individual" civil libertes? Migod.It's not even..well, rather.. er.. done. One shouldn't contemplate such things.. Rather a good snifter of triple aged Brandy, and reflections on Good King John's legacy ;-)

Comment: Re:maybe we should (Score 1) 576

Silly willy.. it's obvious. We let the gov't use their spy sattelites, confirmed bu several gov't funded telescopes and other surveillance devices, io then supply us with guaranteed legitimate evidence that a real invasion is occurring. If we have any doubt we can always seek the unbiased opinion of anyone at NASA or other heavily militarily funded organizations to give us the truth.

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