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Comment: Re:It was a "joke" back then (Score 1) 275

I like the elevator analogy. The fact is that even when prognostications get something right--they inevitably get the context, implications, and effects all wrong. That's because they get one invention or innovation right, but every invention and innovation has to be understood in the context of the million other inventions, innovations, and social changes that surround it.

So one person guesses in the mid-19th century that we will have horseless carriages in the future--but also thinks they'll run on steam engines and cause great depletion of our wood and coal supplies. Another person forsees the internal combustion engine, but thinks its only practical use will be in industry. Another person forsees high-grade steel, but thinks it will be used just for girders. Another person forsees an interstate highway system, but thinks it will be used for giant horse-drawn land trains. No one person truly predicts the automobile and its actual effects and implications. No one person puts it all together.

That's why all these reports that come out predicting the future (beyond the obvious) always crack me up. Such arrogance. About the only prediction guaranteed to be accurate is that the future will be far different than any of us can possibly imagine.

Yup.. how the heck you'll ever get that 2 inch high 20 Megs HD in that watch, I dopn't know ;-)

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by doccus (#46748883) Attached to: Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?
What I see, and I see a lot of it here on /., is a complete lack of comprehension on the difference between words that sound the same but have different meaning, such as to and too, pair and pare, see and sea, etc.. there's many more, but I just can't recall them off the top of my head. Compared to this, phrases like "y'all" are pretty inoccuous, being accurate representations of actual language spoken in the south. Even the "spelling nazis" lack a firm grasp of the difference between spelling and grammatical errors, and typos..A simple understanding of the keyboard would make typographical errors obvious, and therefore not deserving of comment. I'm a good example of this, sadly, because since I suffer compromised physical dexterity, although well read, I make typos, rather than spelling errors, yet I have been the target of these "spelling nazis" frequently ;-(

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I get the idea about maxing the RAM out - faster speeds and all that. What I don't understand is how moving to an SSD drive saves the cost on a new computer?

Hyuk.. It saves the cost of all thise non moving parts wearing out from being alweays hit with them nasty ol' electrons!

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A small SSD main HD and a platter storage disc? You DO know where the OS is automatically going to select for the swapfile, right? And here's a definition of a lousy day.. using an SSD for the increased performance and having a swapfile on an old style harddisk! I think manual configuration is in order there, wot?

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Is this another of those "hope I don't get aids" idiots.. Different offense, but still Stoopid.... In fact what ghe did was worse.. That woman's text was a stupid impulse, but this guy really went at it.. with an overblown sense of self-importance.

Comment: I troi to avoid certain episodes... (Score 1) 512

by doccus (#46615525) Attached to: Why <em>Darmok</em> Is a Good <em>Star Trek: TNG</em> Episode
All of which have Councillor Troi in it/. Amazingly enough, Marina Sirtis is a fine actress.. how she got her "boat hitched up" to play Troi is unknown, although I "sense" they were l;ooking for a great plot device for dealing with difficult conundrums. I simply can not STAND that character though.. as regards watching the series.. it's a deal breaker for me...

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