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Comment Re: Interesting. (Score 1) 189

...Somewhere.. perhaps hidden in some comment somewhere., I thought I would find out why this is a surprise.. or, in fact, even newsworthy. I *suppose* he should reaslly be a Korean "red star" Linux user.. but.. I mean.. hey.. Linux? Kim Young 'Un? er... basic skill set beyond video gaming? NAw.. No surprise he uses Macs...

Comment Re:Sexual Assault (Score 1) 513

[...] Who gives a shit if somebody is sexually abusive to a chat bot? The chat bot certainly doesn't give a shit.

It's a precautionary measure. Currently it's no problem. But as soon as Cortana gains consciousness and takes over the global stack of nuclear weapons, it won't be a good idea to harass her. So be careful!

By that time robot rape cases will fill the courts.. presided over by a robotic judge of course...

Comment Re:Require that patents be defended (Score 1) 134

instead of defend, it should be 'use'. unused patent just stifles innovation. you wanna keep it, use it.

Some patents really SHOULDN'T be used . I.E. " New advancement for inceased nuclear kill ratio - ten cities attacked at once. (Patent pending)"...
I think defending this is quite suffficient, thank you ;-)

Comment Sorry I'm so far down the list ..but (Score 1) 1836

The biggest improvement you can make could well be to not force "improvements" like the new format , for one , on anyone. I have noticed that if it works people here REALLY don't want it "fixed". I think the thinks you mentioned such as unicode are nice tweaks that probably could make it more readable.. which is of course a good thing, but the Big Changes don't go over too darn well, and frankly aren't neccessary. If it woiks don fix it, eh?.
If 'm wrong somebody like an old timer, (not a week long /. member please ;-) please say so. !

Comment Re:Meet the new boss (Score 1) 1310

You're right. It will take some time. We've owned the site less than 24 hours so we're not going to jump to any rash decisions. But first things first we're going to fix a lot of the broken stuff.

If this is really the new boss speaking, just the fact that you're participating in the forum is a Good Sign... Also, there's a lot of old timers here with extremely good advice too, that's so far been pretty much ignored. It's a good resource though, so don't overlook it.

Comment Re:Accusation through misunderstanding (Score 1) 223

Indeed. "free energy" isn't breaking the laws of theremodynamics or physics at all. Tesla knew that a century ago. There'sn\ other sources of energy all around us (such as "dark energy") that simply haven't been tapped. Consider a century ago how they would have reacted to solar power. "Getting something from nothing" I bet they would have said...

Comment Cowardly legislators.. (Score 1) 391

IT workers routinely do this anyways. What this simply does is punish the computer techs instead of the sex offenders. Now EVERY tech is required to "snoop" through ALL the personal files of every client they get, in order to protect themselves. That's EVERY personal file, Mr Politician!. Including that date rape case of yours you hush hushed away before you won the byelection. Or that iffy financial deal you made that could have cost you the nomination. Or... get the drift yet? Sometimes I think politicians are filled with shit for brains if they actually support ths!

Comment Re: Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

Out of all the babble does seem to come one gem of an idea.

Let's lower the corporate tax rate...we have "on paper" the highest in the world.

I say on paper, because the big boy corps, have enough tax attorney's and experts on payroll (whole departments in fact) to find every loophole to pay less and less, while the SMALL businesses get stuck paying the high fees and taxes.

So, let's lower it to a much lower rate, one that competes with the rest of the world, but at the same time...cut out all the deductions and loopholes. You pay x% on profits after your expenses, period.

Doing that would encourage businesses to come back to the US.

Rather than penalize, let's make it a business favorable environment to have your business on US soil, AND have US workers doing the work.

I don't think a business or a person should have a tax form longer than 1-2 pages long.

I doubt this will come about, in that it would take too much power away from congress over us all.

I have to agree. Wholeheartedly. It's the loopholes, espedcially, and offshore accounts where almost all of the money that SHOULD be circulating in the system, is instead doing nothing but collecting %1 interest tax free.. which is a shitload of money when you have several billion. The reality is that it's NOT THE DEBT that is causingf America's woes. The system is a total ponzi scheme engineered by the Fed 100 years ago that ONLY works as long as we're in debt. The debt can NEVER be paid off. The damage is being caused, instead , by billions and billions being taken out of circulation and stuffed into offshore accounts and private investments that make money for only a very select few. The US economy NEEDS that money in circulation being invested in factories, businesses, improved wages, roads and public works.. even pensions..
It is this that could pull America out of the doldrums. Never happen though... Too many Gordon Geckos...

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