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Comment: What's a little censorship between friends, anyway (Score 0) 814 814

I mean , hey, it's not like freedom of expression, or speech, or print, is a constitutional right, or anything, right? I mean, if the price of using a product means pull down your trousers and bend over, that's just good business. It's obvious that our founding fathers just *couldn't* see the bigger picture, after spending all that wasted time on such a "flawed document".. The Banksters had the right idea.. I mean, America is REALLY great, because of Walmarts and KFC and megacorps and baubles and trinkets, but mostly because of it's astonishing ability to sucker all these other large countries into buying all our debt from us. We've got a wonderful bunch of helpfull troops to make the process so much simpler too!.. No, we're not great because of silly things like "Freedoms" sand "Rights". these are only things we accuse other countries of violating during trade talks. So we can pat ourselves on the back and say "look at us, how 'free' we are" .. With free pxrn, plus almost everybody's got a mortgage, and credit card debt, *WE* don't stop people out of the blue and ask for their papers, or arrest people witrhout due cause, or disappear people into 'Secret CIA-Style Detention Centers' like to one that "doesn't exist" in Chicago. We don't send people to Siberia for suspicion of un-American activities.. instead we send them to a nice warm summer camp in Cuba, right on the water in guantanamo bay. No, the "Do no Evil" bunch are just good upstanding Followers of the American Way!

Comment: Re:I'm spending 60% of my monthly income on rent (Score 1) 937 937

My "yuppie" friends are already paying 60% , but their income is so high that it's not really a burden. Rather, high rent is a status symbol.. and they like to boast about who has the highest rent. Pure snobbery! Admittedly, these are gorgeous suites, like the ones overlooking English Bay over on the mainland..

Comment: Re:Paid Trolls? (Score 1) 294 294

Well, this time he's right, but not for the right reason. The real extinction event is occurring in the pacific ocean, first , and then on 30 years the level of radioactivity from Fukushima, in large sections of the Pacific will match that inside the reactors.. althogh it doesn't need that much to extinguish all but algael and bacterial life. Or us. with huge concentrations of CO2 in the ocean, a strong atmospheric pressure change could cause a Carbon Dioxide release that would suffocate hundreds of millions overnight. And of course there's no fish then either.. possibly only the southern hemisphere near antarctica would be left for fishing.. . Roast penguin, anyone?

Comment: Re:Major label music in grocery stores (Score 1) 301 301

Years ago, american retailers discovered a company called Muzak, which delivered. on a super cheap suscription (I believe), insipid retail music that sidestepped any royalties b computer analysis of the tune to make sure no bars of music matched anything currently published, as well as psychologivcally tweaked to create precisely the mood the store wantedf to induce it's patrons. soon after that the stores discovered they could pay a studio to create insipid music for next to nothing, and no writer credits or copyrights ever. Generic audio soup. Welcome to shopper's paradise ... Not! Yet,unbelievably, this style of music now has it's very OWN fan base! Generically called muzak.. I don't know if the company's term ran out, or if they surrendered the name at all, but everywhere you go it's called Muxsk now, and it's immediately identifiable. The very definition of insipid !

Comment: Re: why is Eric snowden an expert on security (Score 1) 196 196

THe news agencies decrypted NOTHING. They received them unencrypted,that was how the info was released in the first place. He wouldn't be much use as a whistleblower if he released totally encrypted files. ;-) And if you really think the typical newspaper has the tools to decrypt a CIA cypher, wow.. Wanna buy some swamp for a million bux?

Comment: Re:why is Eric snowden an expert on security (Score 1) 196 196

There is no proof that he handed secrets to the Russians or Chinese. The whole article on that was made up by its authors.

There's also no proof he didn't. While I'd admit he probably didn't hand anything over to them, I'm pretty sure that both countries separated him from his laptops and imaged them so they could shunt decryption off to a series of networked computers. It's certainly possible that they've already cracked his encryption (maybe there is a bug in it that they know about and he doesn't). It's also possible that they haven't cracked it yet. But I think there is almost zero chance that they aren't even trying to crack it.

BTW: People criticising the USA normally criticise the politics and actions of the USA. To call them America-haters is totally wrong. In two ways. First, there is a lot more America then only the USA. Use google maps if you do not believe me. Second, its the actions abroad that cause you low reputation. And three, your tourists often help to foster such reputation. Even though the last thing is hardly something that can be changed. We all have parts of our population which go on vacation and ruin our reputation. Ask the Germans and the British or even better ask the Italian and Spanish on the reputation of Germans and the British.

Keep in mind that this is Slashdot and it's very common for European members to trash the US at every turn, including all of its citizens. I've seen people insist here many times that the US is a consistent threat to world peace and the world would be so much better off if we all died as soon as possible.

OK, so no proof that he did.. but also no proof that he DIDN'T. "So let's just go right ahead and charge him with having leaked files to China and Russia, since if there's no proof he didn't, he must be guilty".. Screw the constitution" He MUST have leaked secrets to Russia, especially if there's no evidence , let's make it up". Let's be just like the people he tried to expose"... That attitude all that is wrong with the country today, where people feel that violating constitutional liberties is OK to catch someone exposing violators of constitutional rights.. Sheesh... In rebuttal you agree he likely didn't actually intentionally do so, but how is Russia or China sending spooks to access his laptop while he's away, his doing, any more than a foreign agent stealing files from a diplomat's compter when they're away. You don't call the diplomat a traitor because his files were stolen. And I'm sure he's not only capable of noticing the incongruity of a chinese following him everywhere in Russa (!) but surely Snowden has the chops to encrypt his stuff a lot better than "martini sloshed" foreign diplomats..

Comment: Re:"esoteric and unnecessary" (Score 1) 196 196

To start, you are talking about Apple now, .......

Your claim that Apple is now better than BlackBerry is, at best, a subjective conclusion. Objectively, BlackBerry is more secure because it is possible to completely disconnect from BlackBerry services and use your own and you can completely control what permissions an app has, and if you are talking about messaging security, even from governments, the best option is to use a different company's messaging system, not the phone manufacturers, and with BlackBerry "side-loading", it is possible to install an app without declaring to any untrusted parties which app is installed, which is the first step in trying to figure out how to intercept and crack messages.

Actually, it's nice to read a straight up comment about Blackberry.. Not only is it true, but I also developed a keen interest in any company that would purchase QNX and then fully intergrate their OS software in their products.I have subbed to QNX's mailings for over 12 years now, and always have been iompressed with the high level of their software that is used in life critical hospital equipment. I mean, did you ever wonder who makes the OS for that heart lung machine keeping you alive? Or that MMRI machine? Somebody has to.. Want it to be Windows? Or , heaven forbid, Apple .. Like "Oops your heart lung machine 's software is incompatible with the newest OSX upgrade. Mind holding your breath for a few days?"

Comment: Re:Why would the festival cooperate? (Score 1) 134 134

I would just BET the major labels have paid BIG time into this. Perhaps into the local coppers (coffee?) coffers too, by paying off the spying equipment. See, once this is done, the labels will have a face to attach to "suspected downloaders". So will the cops. "Mobile phone thieves"? Yeah, right.. last time I read a summary, it was for "European 'terrists' ". Time before that, it was to "Help interpol".. or something to that effect. In reality, the majors want a face to attach to any future IP addy..So a defense like "Yer honor sir.. this person claims it wasn't him that downloaded 365 copies of Miley 'twerking' , that it could have likely been the old biddies in the seniors facility using that IP address" might not work, if the prosecution points out "Mr Justice, we have a clear facial shot of the defendant at the 'downloading' festival, holding up a sign saying 'Steal everything' " ;-)

Comment: Re:Creative Commons revolution (Score 1) 389 389

Artists need to hop on the CC bandwagon. Things have changed drastically since the music industry started strangling them as well as consumers.

If we had a sizable pool of popular CC licensed music, this kind of thing would be less of an issue because establishments like this could simply use it instead. There are tons of new ways for artists to get paid via CC licensed music. Maybe we can brainstorm on ideas and models for this to become a reality? I'm thinking some sort of croudfunding model might be a good first step.

No, not a good idea. Artists do need to get paid. If they do that and suddenly a cover of one of their songs breaks through, they won't see a penny of it. What artists ARE doing, is abandoning ASCAP and BMI, and instead using nothing. Mechanical royalties, and live performance earnings are absolutely the only payouts almost ALL musicians will EVER see. Studio musician? Forget it. Live gigs? Fawgettaboutit ..Selling your records orr CDs at the gigs or regionally in music stores? Forget it. No publishing royalties, after all, in any of the last 3 mentioned. All you need is reserved copyright, in case,, say some "twerking babe" decides to cover your song... Bottom line is that musicians unions, PRO collecting organizations, and other media related financial collecting orgsanizations, were all either directly started by, or associated with the mob. They exist so the labels can skim off the top of musician's earnings. IF , as I mentioned, one of your songs breaks through, you at least have a chance of seeing something from it. Those organizations aren't there for the artists, anymore. Odds are the Stones, or Elton receive $10 for every C note the PROs collect , but they've got tons of old material that gets played. It's all about retro material that would have expired in an honest world, if it hadn't been renewed with ludicrous terms. So want to listen to music when you eat? Use headphones! They've scared all the business owners out of it.. they all feel they don't need the hassle, after this judgement. So they'll all take their cue from this incident, and forgo that dubious pleasure. The artists , (big names, most of them, because retro always tends to be,), don't notice, or need any addition to their bottom line, and the PROs don't care.. it's not their work their losing out on from people not playing these tunes anymore. They're just "enforcers" of payments that are due..they didn't write the music. But, hey, they can always go after people singing "HAppy B*day" at public birthday parties of 6 year olds..

Here's a good link from a great music producer. I can't recommend this site enough..

Comment: Re:so trade bills (Score 1) 413 413

Regardless. This is a good thing. It puts the power back in the hands of congress and takes it away from the emperor^H^H^H^H^H^H^HPresident.

What power? Now congress will still going to be snowballed with corporate pressure to pass the TPP, and no public protest, because the majoriyty of illiterate plebes think they won, so will go back to watching Kim Kardashian trim her bunions..

Comment: Re:I can't say I fully agree (Score 1) 637 637

Nearly 100% of all lotteries have winners, so if there are lots of lotteries, there are also lots of lottery winners.

I can see into the lottery future just FINE, thank you. Not only will there be hundreds of winers each week, but it's always someone else!

Comment: Re:wrong is right (Score 1) 193 193

What they SHOULD have said, instead, was that the models were CORRECT, and there was NO failure, rather than that they overestimated it. If they say the models were correct based on no intervention, and the intervention simply prevented the worst case scenario, then the future is safer. It's not too late to change their tune, but if they don't stop apologizing for bad models, the point i mentioned in the previous comment will come to pass.

Comment: Re:wrong is right (Score 1) 193 193

It was a TERRIBLE failure. NEXT time, and there is always a next time, the response maay be insufficient because the prevailing "wisdom" will be that it is over-hyped via needlessly dire models. ANd THAT could be the one that wipes us out. The idiots tnat are calling it a "success" are either trying to put a good spin on it, at the future's expense, or they really are idiots and don't realize the terrible price that will be paid due to the previous modeling, during the next epidemic...

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