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Comment Re:Caps Lock used to power a huge lever. (Score 1) 683 683

I wish there was an easy way to disable/enable it.. there's no easy way to tell that that it's on.. often the "engaged" light is hardly visible. This can be a really bad problem for passwords which require correct case, since three strikes in a row can make you have to wait a day. I simply pry it off these days. I tried using software to reassign keys but some simply don't want to ge reassigned such as the switching caps lock with, say, scroll lock .. Maybe it an OSX issue?

Comment Re:Caps Lock used to power a huge lever. (Score 1) 683 683

Hey that's right.. I had one of those really old typewriters with the round ivory keys for years. I think it actually pushed the keyboard up. I held on to that typewriter until the mid 90s thinking it would be valuable one day.. finally donated it to a thrift shop.. JUST when ebay first started.. and that's when these mid 1800s typewriters skyrocketed in value.. "sigh"

Comment Let's dance to the "Google Step" Itsa 1,2, & (Score 1) 170 170

First 1) they introduce feature nobody wants then 2) force everybody to use it, and when everyone's adjusted to it, they 3) remove it or "uncouple it"... often the first step to dropping it altogether.. Boy they do that a lot. Why don't they do more pre-release research instead?

Comment Re:This is outrageous (Score 1) 267 267

Here they have no maximum sentences. Only minimum ones. Re:that court ruling supposedly "once again making it illegal" to rip cds, actually, the judge stated that they SHOULD have introduced a compensation scheme. That can only exist if it is legal to do. You cannot legally sanction criminal behavior, and a compensation scheme while ripping was illegal would do just that.

Comment Re:I feel the Need, the need for Electric Speed (Score 1) 171 171

Eat yer heart out.. Internal combustion! Electric rules, here! There is absolutely NO way that an IC engine could ever hope to match this accelleration, NOT "speed". ."Speed" might sound better, but, way to bring the DOT down on ya, Tesla motors. You ASKING for it?

Comment I don't care if they pay US.. (Score 1) 654 654

It's entirely pointless it being free or not, if, like in most of B.C. (and probably most of the reat of Canada) public transport is far and few between.. such as a 60 minute wait for a 45 minute walk .. for a healthy sober person anyways.. and of course, the big one.. public transport stops running a half hour before the bars close down, and maybe an hour before the clubs close. *If* it were free, and more usable, then in the city, yeah.. 100% probablilty I would use it, as I hate driving in town. I live in the country though, now.. Beyond "rural" as the nearest town of any size is a half hour away and the nearest real city is 45 minutes to an hour to town... Going to the city on the bus is almost 75 minutes, and the local town is 45 minutes, but a 15-25 minute drive on the highway. Considering the frequency of service, there's little likelyhood of ever using the bus to either town, or the city. If it were free, ANSD usable=y frequent, , I might more often. We would have already had a rapid transit system to town already. They started talking about it when the local train service stopped. Unfortunately, nobody wanted it because they liked the remotenmess of their location, and didn't want where I was living (and grew up, actually) to become a suburban community. It's coming our direction anyways, since the debate, 10 miles closer. Currently, it's a bedroom community for the affluent.. so much so that I couldn't even buy into my own community. People that were born and raised there can't afford to live there.. ;-( However, a free rapid transit system would possibly change that, as well as save lives.. Essential services should NEVER be run solely for profit, or even as a break-even exercise. That's why we have taxes, after all

Comment Re:Step 1 (Score 1) 195 195

I have 148 Steam games, only 11 of which are installed due to lack of space. I regularly have to run with less than 500MB left on my 1TB budget laptop harddrive. I figure we download about 200-300GB of data every month that is deleted once consumed/needed for something higher priority.

Wow, I'm not sure if I have played 148 different video games in my lifetime. But then, I am only 45 years old and I only spent most of my free time in my youth playing video games. I just finished playing Lego Jurassic Park and it took about 40 hours. Games like Skyrim I have not even gotten completed, but have hundreds of hours invested.

Ah yes, but a lot of people who call themselves "gamers", are often more than that. By rights you could call them game "collectors"..

Comment Re:Therac 25 (Score 1) 288 288

A race condition in the software and counter overflows are not "Bad User Interfaces". They software defects. I'm pretty sure no one designed those bugs in to the code.

Well, perhaps the article could also say "how bad summaries can ruin articles" , because the submission say nothing about "Bad" useer interfaces - quote: "Submission: UI Fail: How Our User interfaces Help to Ruin Lives" but at the top of the page "How Bad User Interfaces Can Ruin Lives".

Comment Re:Routing around (Score 1) 198 198

I don't see anyone asking the obvious question.. Why? Now "vandals" might knock over a mailbox or cut the cable from the telephone pole to the house, but to use special cutting tools, dressing up as workers and using spy vs spy tactics isn't vandals anymore. SOMEBODY is pissed at these companies for going fiberoptic.. Maybe a suddenly out of work standard cable installer?

Comment Ahh .. Great Britain - Truly leading the pack... (Score 1) 260 260

Truly leading the pack...In undergarment searches, cameras in the loo, on every street corner in the entire country, plus over every doorway and in every hotel room.. all properly fitted with the newest facial recognition software. And microphones! Where ever the cameras are, with high tech audio filtering. And yes, even aimed at residential windows where they can even hear through walls. . So, my oh my, it must have stung then to hear about the American data collection of all posts and emails , when the UK simply didn't have anything nearly as invasive. Well, they've fixed that NOW.. with "no safe space". Now they can safely hear private communications about junior's pooping in his diaper over and over, or what a twit the local mayor is, or, y'knoiw, whatever.Frankly,. I doubt they'll catch anyone planning harm or fear and loathing to society via email or the phone, but I bet they're dyiing to "accidentally" overhear someone planning to harvest their grow-op.. Once they (didn't) hear that, they now know to pull their car over for a full search on suspicion of speeding. George Orwell would be so proud of what his mother country has become. :satire:

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