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Comment Re:Define "crash". (Score 1) 167

Same as if power is killed in any initial write. I can't accept any drive can be psychic and know what's not yet written I suppose heuristics could fill in some missing data but it surely can't complete all the data that never even hit the cache. I'm no programmer or expert so perhaps I'm missing something here...

Comment Re:Warning (Score 1) 144

...Copyright comes with a cost, and that cost is that after a limited time the work is no longer "owned" but belongs to the public at large.

Are you fucking serious? Or just mentally frikkin deficient? Copyright lasts a minimum of 90 years now, and they're pushing for far more. Nobody ALIVE would ever see it enter the public domain. Your statement is fraudulent on the very face of it.

Comment Re:Confessed? (Score 1) 244

NEVER confess to anything! All they've done is to hang themselves. Gubbermint says, "We don't like what you're doing." Your response? Are you really going to tell gubbermint, "Oh, I'm so sorry - please, just lock me away for a few decades!"

The better response is, "Prove your case, assholes!"

Torture? The dreaded Golden Girls torture? What kind of geek is that stupid? Oh.. "We'll tell your moms" OK....

Comment Re:I would laugh so hard... (Score 1) 105

what is the hidden cost or mice allready would be smarter?

They'll start to think they're rats. And that's about all. Mice will never rule the world. Mice are significantly stupider than rats. If they did this same gene alteration to rats, however, we'd have an epidemic of technically proficient rats on our hands. OTOH, think of the market potential for used 3.5" iPhones!

Comment Re: It's already BEEN blocked. (Score 1) 141

Problem is that "everyone has their rights", but this doesn't indicate why white supremacists aren't allowed their right to hate niggers and make it absolutely clear that this is what they feel. Or why people don't have the right to make copies of stuff they bought. Or why, if it's only licensed, why they need to buy another license for the same thing on a different medium. Or why you're not allowed the right to sell weed. Or have sex with a minor who agrees to the act. Or be a minor and have sex with an adult. Or distribute pictures of yourself to your boy or girl friend naked when the boy/girl friend is not an adult either.

Why are these rights not rights? Because collectively we decided through our respective governments that they are not rights you have to exercise because of their result on the welfare of others.

Why is it wrong to be able to say "I am a racist and I refuse to change. I hate niggers, I believe they are spawn of Satan and are not even human"? Why is it wrong to draw pictures of gruesome tortures of black people and post them on the same reddit? After all, pictures of similar gruesomely burned bodies can be seen in any documentary on the Holocaust. Violence, or realistically believable threats of violence can be argued as a right that would infringe on the more important rights to safety and health of others, so this can easily be considered restricted. But absent that, why should reddit ban hateful bigoted screeds of morons who really REALLY don't have empathy for others if they don't appear to be nearly identical with their own perceived self?

ANY reasoning to stop that can ONLY be justified with something other than "gwown ups realizing all people deserve wights". What about the right of the mad bigot?

Because you don't merely have rights and some rights aren't valid by fiat.

Rights equate with freedoms. A tolerant society should have freedoms "from". That is, freedoms "from" unlawful search and seizure, from discrimination, from , well, all those things that violate our rights to live a free and unfettered, secure life. Howevber, rights do NOT equate with "freedoms TO" engage in certain activities.. That is, freedoms to rape pillage, steal, and otherwise engage in activities that generally impinge on ANOTHER'S freedoms. So for a true understanding of whether the Russian gov't or Reddit is in the wrong, we need to look at who is supportive of the "freedoms from" end (if any), and who is acting in the "freedoms to" area (if any).

Comment Re:Alphabet... not Google Alphabet (Score 1) 235

So.. all you Google coders will now be coding in.. Alpha Bits? Or is it Alpha Bytes? RTeally, I thought it was a practical joke when I first heard it. So, SERIOUSLY, Is the guy who has introduced all these doomed Google excperiments ..Y'know.. the ones where they say .,,, "In retrospect, it was a bad idea we should not have attempted".. going to restructure the company and call it Alphabet? And THIS is a good idea? If I were a Google stockholder I'd reallly think about divesting into.. Apple ? No not Apple either. They always fall from the trree and rot at their EOL. Microsoft? Unsure.. GOT IT. THrow it all into Put options on QNX and Blackberry. After all the "smart money" says Bl;ackberry is toast, eventually. THey don't know about QNX though.... Bye Bye Goo.. er.. Alphabet.

Comment Re:Now that's just evil (Score 1) 515

Cumbersome and difficult is the "New Normal". Particularly in Mac OS, as well as Windows since 8x. OSX , though, really has been getting , just, well, difficult lately. Finding worlkarounds for all that stuff that "just works" for Tim Cook, anyways, but , it would seem, nobody else.. Finding those workarounds to make them "Just Work" for ME, however, has proven to be a little bit more difficult ;-) :sigh:

Comment Re: Opportunity (Score 1) 272

UNless it's loudly, and obviously, pirated, it doesn't even exist. That's the big problem with digital material. Otherwise, (and this is precisely what the bean counters in their offices do, actually) the studios can just pull a number of projected losses out of a hat .. "well, for this to have been the summer's big hit it should have sold 850,000 copies, so since we only sold 50,000, then 800,000 must have been downloaded". Never mind that only 30,000 *were* downloaded because word got out that it was pure shite.. if the bean counters say it was 800,000, then that's the number they'll take to congress to show how "unfairly" they've been treated. After all, it's congress, so they can fling the crap across the room and it'll stick to any bills those maroons in the US house introduce, and in parlaiment's, as well, every time...

Comment Re: Opportunity (Score 1) 272

Not particularly, the piracy is merely a necessity to teach a hard lesson.

I won't actually watch it myself.

Piracy says that you like their movie but are too cheap and lacking morals to pay for it. To really send a message, don't watch it at all and don't even download it illegally.

Wow!! THat's a message even a lazy guy like me can send. Do NOTHING! Yay!!

The only difference between a car salesman and a computer salesman is that the car salesman knows he's lying.