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Comment Re:yawn (Score 1) 387

Well.. Unlike drag racing which is still on the bleeding edge, Indy and Nascar seem to be giving in to the nanny factor.. "don't let them git a scratch on them lilly white drivers!" Hey auto racing is DANGEROUS!! Take away al l the risk and you might as well be racing on a video game! Actually, that's not always quite true, since indy is just like NASCAR.. or more precisely.. like 1960s muscle cars.. eschewing high tech for shoehorning a bigger engine in a small chassis.
The fact is the entire US sport had a chance to keep the sport exciting without limiting all the HP some years ago when this inventor invented a shock absorbing gel so powerful it could render a 160 MPH accident survivable without major injury. Yet for some reason they banned the gel and you know where it ended up being used instead? In fuc*ing SHOES as an innersole! "Impact gel" they called it. It seems to have disappeared from the market though.. :sigh:

Comment Re:The hilarity it keeps growing. (Score 1) 259

Sadly.. "hilarity" really isn't the most appropriate word.. When a major news outlet like the NYT censors an article for containing the word "encrypt" then "freedom of the press" is under fire... However.. the evidence that itr is well and truly dead is that it only merits mention in a small clip in..yup.. slashdot. This is one instance where wider exposure might (at least) serve to accuse..or prick the disused consciences of the masses that let their freedoms rot in exchange for another episode if the Kard ass hions.
Gawd how we have fallen.

Comment Re:Another example (Score 1) 728

There's no denying that ISIS are ruthless, but this has all the hallmarks of a false flag, and NOT an islamic assault. I think they simply blamed ISIS.. At least according to the radicals, Koran specifically forbids arbitrary killings and preferentially allows what is known as "suicide" killing. I'm not saying it really condones it, but in the eyes of these radicals it does. There is however , no precedent for this kind of behavior displayed in Paris.
I do not know what the end game of these perpetrators is, but I don't think its "ISIS". Rather, I'm afraid I think it's more a "Gulf of Tonkin" or "Pearl Harbor" event..

Comment Re:Vista users need to switch to IE for final year (Score 1) 140

Mine does. I fitrdt noticed it 10 years ago when ARACHNE suddenly couldfn't connrct no matter what I did. I had a large collection of legacy computers and started noticing that one by one.. they no longer could connect.
It sucks when software is disabled like that. For instance .. As of today Torch no longer can download youtube videos since the new format has been introduced. Don't like it. My YT subscriptions page looks way too busy.

Comment Re:I fart on your links (Score 1) 220

Pretty soon just looking at a link without even clicking on it will be an offense.

Yep. Welcome to the dystopian future world of Minority Report, where computer algorithms based on the profile generated by all the data everyone allowed to be collected on them (from Facebook, Twitter, and other so-called 'social media') will be used to predict future violations of copyright and other laws, which you will then be proactively prosecuted for. Since trade agreements like the TPP and it's descendents will more or less allow corporations to do whatever they want to whoever they want, you'll just receive and invoice from the billing department of their legal division for your 'future violations', expected to be paid in full within 30 days, or face extradition to the country-of-origin of the corporation you're predicted to damage in the future, where you'll do hard labor the rest of your life.

Better not buy that shiny new computer then. It's "potential" infroingement. After all if 'infringers' use a computer then all computer users are "potential" infringers. (!)

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