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Comment: Re:Damn... (Score 1) 479

by doccus (#49566023) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

Pakistan is a very radical Islamic country. Why did they seceed from India when India has millions of muslims? Because it wasn't radical enough. Education is dangerous to the extremists with beards if women started thinking for themselves then how can they have Sharia law?

Yup, they're still using the same method of advertising their radicalness. Bullets for God. Started with The Mahatma Gandhi...

Comment: Re:Good enough to criticize the mechanisms (Score 1) 129

Then, Apple simply adds checking of DyLibs and other add-ons to OS X, and closes this hokey forever. Problem solved!

So, thanks to the black hat who brought this exploit to Apple's attention; so that they can take care of it.

WEll, not quite. Apple doesn't add essential security updates to pre Lion (10.7) systems. Since the rot set in after 10.6.8, many users are still on these OS versions simply because they're more accessible.. i.e. no new "improvements", and of course, many (like me) have just THOUSANDS of $ invested in software that is entirely obsoleted by 10.7 and up systems. These are developers that have either been bankrupted , or driven out of business, by the endless "improvements" in OSX (like the highly respected "Little Wing pinball", or Unsanity, creators of "Shapeshifter"), or they no longer supply updates to their OSX software. Using Snow Leopard, which is the last version to support the last 10 years worth of OSX software, exposes you to everyt malignant code for OSX in existence. Apple believes that the risk of infecting those user's computers with worms or trojans is good for the company's bottom line, somehow.... or what they are implying is that there is NO such malware after all...

Comment: Re:They should be doing the opposite (Score 1) 299

The article makes is sound like this is a totally senseless, random act with no explanation, but that's a little misleading. While it's easy to argue that 50 years is already too long, Canada's 50 year term is also an outlier on the low end in the international community. Most other countries have a 70 year copyright term for recorded music, including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, etc. The US allows for 95 years. Having copyright terms that uniform across international boarders is useful.

I believe the 95 years is for film, not audio recordings, although I might be wrong. In the UK it's 50 years, not 70, as already many pre 1962 items are pubblic domain Unless they've changed it in the last 3 years there. After approximately 2010 there was a glut of bargain basement '50s recordings on cheap labels with "free" recordings, all coming from the UK, and , perhaps other places such as spain... This is all moot, however, as your whole argument is based on the "everybody else is doing it so I should be able to" Just because everybody ELSE is going around prodding cattle prodsa up stranger's butts *doesn't* mean it's OK for you too. WTF is WRONG with the moprality in this world?

Comment: Re:They should be doing the opposite (Score 2) 299

I can tell you that, after having been a musician for 40 years, .. Zip. Zilch. Unless they're reissued, and that is a possibility, since retro is popular. But even then, it's the record companies that own the copyrights on most recordings before 1980, and the artist may or may not be deemed worthy to recieve a pttance, depending on if they have rights to their own publishing . I think if the industry gave a flying fuck about the artists they grind up, then instead of pushing for a 70 year term, which only benefits the big labels as all the recordings concerned are from the 60's music boom wherein the labels owned everything, then instead they would insist on a tax on every single used recpord tape and CD sold, to be divided upo between the recording artists and , possibly, head studio tech.

Comment: Re:Rainwater collection (Score 1) 672

by doccus (#49520857) Attached to: William Shatner Proposes $30 Billion Water Pipeline To California

You are one of the few mentioning rainwater collection. Well done. Average rainfall is California is around 10 inches per year. Google says California has 163,696 square miles of area. 1 furlong per fortnight = 0.000166309524 m/s. Carry the naught. [This is to appease Europeans, and hillbillies, alike] 3,800,000,000,000 cubic feet of water fall on California each year. 7.5 US gallons per cubic foot. 28 trillion gallons in total. Total water usage, average to a per capita is around 2,000 gallons per person. California population is around 37M. 28 T / (37M * 2K) = 425. One year's California rainfall could service the entire state's water needs for 425 years. Recovering one-quarter of one percent of the rain that falls on the state each year would provide enough water for everyone for the entire year.

Your statistics are based on normal weather patterns. California's weather has been anything but normal for the last six or seven years. NO rain has been falling. NONE. The reservior is entirely dry. Just sand. Therefore your hypothesis is entirely useless.

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