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+ - Climate Change Denialism Sponsorship Revealed-> 1

Submitted by
dnarepair writes "Leaked documents reportedly from the Heartland Institute reveal details of their attempts to undermine climate science public opinion and teaching. The documents detail their plans for developing K-12 curricula that will help in "dissuading teachers from teaching science" as well as lists of prominent bloggers and writers they hope to recruit to their cause."
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+ - 100 million species of microbes?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As researchers work on creating a "Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea" (which is discussed in a recent New York Times article and Nature paper, there is the suggestion that there may be hundreds of millions of species of microbes on the planet (see NY Times article). If true that would mean that (1) there is much greater diversity in microbes than in anything else and (2) we know basically nothing about the diversity of life on the planet since only about 10,000 or so microbial species have been formally described."
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Comment: Related April Fools Joke (Score 1) 955

by dnarepair (#23027154) Attached to: Many Scientists Using Performance Enhancing Drugs
Just thought people might get a giggle out of the April fools joke we did saying NIH was cracking down on Brain Doping among scientists which was covered in the Nature article about their survey. The original post and related posts on the April 1 joke are here . You can see the Fake NIH Press Release there too. In addition we created a fake web site for the "World Anti Brain Doping Authority" More background on the joke is here

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