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Comment Re:China-based threat actors (Score 2) 93

Sometimes a driver simply isn't available for Linux, QNX, VxWorks or other embedded OSes.

That is actually the best argument to avoid such hardware. Rely on hardware that is open standards based, then you can reduce dependency on proprietary drivers

The reason they have to stay with XPe is because there probably aren't any drivers for Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1 So much for the benefit of reusing XP drivers

Comment Re:Hence why UEFI should be dismissed (Score 0) 100

Also, we should just get rid of the ignition keys for cars, since some of them can be hot wired. On an unrelated note, whereabouts is you car?

You fail to understand the problem, in a car YOU have the key, with UEFI, a great deal of organisations (MS, BIOS vendor, MB vendor, HW vendors like Dell/HP/Lenovo/...) have the key to your computer - we dislike the fact that as the rightfull owners of those computers, we seem to be the only ones NOT having a key.

If you want a car analogy, it is more like not having a "key" for the filler cap, wheel bolts, engine,... You can start, you can drive, but you can not replace parts, use other fuel supplier, do your own maintenance. There might even be restrictions on where you can drive to.

Comment Re:It is based on Linux.... (Score 1) 349

>An "agile" project cannot fail and cost Billions because it must always deliver runnable software with a maximum of a few weeks delay You're literally just saying that a project can't fail because it's supposed to succeed. There's many reasons agile projects can fail. If a team is unable to deliver a working release then the project has failed. Also, if the release works but doesn't incorporate the required functionality then the project has failed.

No he isn't. He is saying "not(p1 AND p2)" p1 is "an agile project can fail" and p2 is "an agile project can cost billions".

An agile projecr can fail in several ways:

  1. Calling it "agile" but not applying the basic principles. Then you'll fail in Waterfall mode
  2. Fail early, but not sinking huge budgets
  3. Fail later, delivering something in a workable state that can be the basis for other development...

Examples of "calling it agile" are: starting to do an analysis round of several man-years filling up a backlog with thousands of stories already estimated to help the development team; analysts that are not willing to validate the "working software" so that the team has to keep guessing for long periods of time;....

Comment Re:Oh Java... (Score 1) 193

Applets run in the same environment as webstart these days.

Not really. They obey similar sandbox rules.

But key here is that applets are embedded objects running in the context of the browser (Java plugin). A webstart application is essentially a download of an xml description file (jnlp) and a new javaws process handles this. You can easily configure your browser to download jnlp files instead of opening them with javaws.

Comment Re:Can we get a real Linux filesystem, please? (Score 2) 210

[...]I just got out of a meeting at my job [...]and because Linux has no stable filesystem with enterprise features [...]

Sure, AC has some real complex stuff to handle on an enterprise level. That's why all the big boys like Google, Facebook and Twitter are using Windows to host their data...

You're either a silly moron, a self deluding enterprisy [a-z]+architect or a very capable troll.

Comment Re:Apt-get install clue (Score 1) 303

Oracle works fine from the command line, installation included. I know, I've done it.

"discourage" does not equal "makes impossible", I didn't say GUI is required...

PostgreSQL is free, no money burning required.

It is an equation, not a pricelist: (Budget = Oracle licence fees + paying people) or (Budget = Zero fees for PG + paying people), more to spend on competent people.

Hadoop is not a database server.

Did I say that?

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