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Comment: Re:There are randomized controlled trials (Score 4, Informative) 430

by dmoore (#29780119) Attached to: On the Efficacy of Flu Vaccine
The article acknowledges this:

Only four studies were properly designed to pin down the effectiveness of flu vaccine, he says, and two of those showed that it might be effective in certain groups of patients

The article seems to be primarily advocating double-blind, controlled clinical trials among the elderly, since that is the group where death is the primary concern rather than just getting sick.

Media (Apple)

+ - Apple Finally Opens iTunes Plus, iTunes U

Submitted by
jwisser writes "Apple has finally started selling higher-quality, DRM-less music in a new service called iTunes Plus. The selection is currently limited, but as more small labels sign up for the service, the offerings will hopefully increase. iTunes has also opened iTunes U to the general public, enabling everyone running iTunes to download lectures from schools like Stanford and Berkeley. iTunes Plus requires the new iTunes 7.2 to use. Non-iTunes links to Apple's press releases are here (iTunes Plus) and here (iTunes U)."

+ - Amazon to Sell Music Without Copy Protection

Submitted by mikeyo86
mikeyo86 (896610) writes "The New York Times is reporting that will get into the music download business, offering DRM-free songs from EMI and 12,000 smaller, independent labels. From the article: "Amazon, the Internet's most successful seller of physical CDs, today announced plans to introduce a music download store later this year, selling songs and albums in the MP3 format without the anti-copying protection used by most online music retailers." No word yet on pricing or whether the Beatles' catalog will be available."

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