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Comment: Indie games (Score 1) 332

by dmneoblade (#42219325) Attached to: Valve Begins Listing Linux Requirements For Certain Games On Steam
I have a lot of indie games in my steam library that support linux. I will be VERY interested to check this out once it hits general release, and those developers start pushing out the linux versions on steam. Will be nice to start losing my last few reasons for choosing windows as my primary OS.

Comment: Re:Technically Microsoft offers the highest then.. (Score 1) 342

by dmneoblade (#41715593) Attached to: Google's Engineers Are Well Paid, Not Just Well Fed
I just moved to an ok (Not great, not terrible) part of south berkeley, and got a 3 bedroom condo for $410k. Houses a block from me are going for around $430k. This is also 6 blocks from BART, so you can easily work in the city, and live in the east bay. Schools: No idea, but then again, I have no kids either.

Comment: Re:i prefer my *real* PS2. (Score 1) 202

by dmneoblade (#40901773) Attached to: Free Software PS2 Emulator PCSX2 Hits 1.0
I'm using component cable. Works great when I plug it directly into the TV, but then I don't get surround sound. Plug it into the receiver, and it jitters, but sound works. Plug the video into the TV and audio into the receiver: Possible, but I'd need to extend the cables, and it makes it more of a pain to switch over.

Comment: Re:i prefer my *real* PS2. (Score 1) 202

by dmneoblade (#40901363) Attached to: Free Software PS2 Emulator PCSX2 Hits 1.0
The PS2 I have plugged into my home theatre setup, and it jitters up and down every other frame. The media PC hooked up via HDMI has no issues. Thus, using an emulator will grant me superior performance, and legible text. Looking into the issue appears to indicate that the problem is that I have a receiver that upscales the video, and a TV that does the same. However, neither my receiver nor my TV seem to have settings allowing me to fully fix it. I've made it _better_, but its still garbage for my RPG collection. I'm in the process of setting up and evaluating PCSX2, as it would greatly enhance my ability to enjoy my game collection, without buying a TV just for PS2 usage.

Comment: Re:Nothing kney; In 1995... (Score 1) 433

by dmneoblade (#34112708) Attached to: Prepare To Be Watched While You Watch a Movie
Not really. He never mentioned overwriting the tapes, nor destroying them after use. These tapes could have easily been stored, and digitized once that technology became cheap and common. Either way, its NOT ok for theaters to be doing this, and I bet it won't even make a dent in piracy.

Comment: Re:My Challenge for Mark (Score 1) 338

by dmneoblade (#33307044) Attached to: Is RFID Really That Scary?

Tiger Team, Episode 2. Penetration testers use an RFID skimmer to clone the passcard of the owner of a jewelery company, then use the skimmed data to spoof the card reader to get into his office. From there, they crack the safe, and take a picture of themselves wearing all the jewelery that was in said safe.

Tiger Team was very interesting to watch, I'm sad it got canceled.

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