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Comment: Re:This is crazy. (Score 1) 714

by dmitri3 (#40291599) Attached to: FBI Hunt For Child Porn Thwarted By Tor
That would defeat the purpose of the system. Just the existence of a backdoor makes the system vulnerable and devoid of purpose - anyone, with sufficient determination, can exploit it. Besides, anything even close to such action would utterly destroy Tor and spark another service that could be even more dangerous in wrong hands.

Comment: Re:All Things Considered... (Score 1) 208

by dmitri3 (#22474948) Attached to: Opera Screeches at Mozilla Over Security Disclosure
I know I shouldn't feed the flamebait, but... These things you talk about aren't open and certainly aren't in the spirit of Open-Source. You should provide choice and make it a well known alternative, but forcing them to use something? Are we any better then? If Open-Source supporters start doing these things, then I think the cause is lost.

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