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+ - Old-school unix talk, for the web->

Submitted by dmd
dmd writes: We created a simple two-person character-at-a-time talk utility modeled after old-school unix (but you don't have to care about that to use or like it!).

As far as we're aware, this is the ONLY existing implementation of character-at-at-time chat available anywhere on the web; we looked pretty hard and couldn't find any, so we wrote this to scratch our own itch. (The best we'd come up with prior to this was a shared etherpad doc.)
We would love help (a) making sure this scales to high loads and even more crucially (b) getting it to work under IE8.

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+ - Man Goes Through Vasectomy to Get iPhone->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Weird, weird, weird! A Gizmodo reader called Mr. Johnson (yes, apparently it's his name) underwent a vasectomy to get an Apple iPhone, following wife's orders after a roadtrip with his kids to Boise, Colorado. But fear not, dear readers-with-your-manly-parts-still-intact, because his amazing tale of heroic Apple fandom doesn't include any Bobbit-style genital violence. Keep reading to know why and the — strange — happy finish.
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