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Comment: Re:Accessing without authorization? (Score 1) 654

by dmcooper (#23432528) Attached to: Woman Indicted In MySpace Suicide Case
That is a stretch. In any serious court of law, the emotional stuff will be thrown out also. The prosecution will have to prove specifically that she committed each charge she was listed with. If they can do that, fine - but ultimately if you have a non-biased jury they are going to probably find that it is too much of a stretch.

It wasn't that long ago that some guy was in danger of being jailed for years because he created a Myspace profile of one of the kings of his country. Are you saying he should have been thrown in jail over it?

+ - Techdirt CEO whines to Jeff Bezos of>

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dmcooper writes: "Techdirt's CEO Mike Masnick writes an "open letter" to Jeff Bezos calling "sleazy" and "scummy" because some users are so confused they are emailing Techdirt to refund them money because his various other whining sessions about Amazon are being returned in the search results when people type in "AMZ*Prime"."
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