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sbrown3820 writes ""There seems to be an incredible disconnect between published hard drive failure rates (MTBF, etc.) and what end users can expect in the field...In a nutshell, the study states that drive failure rates are between 2-13% per year. We have seen other studies that state average failure rates are around 5% per year. Keep in mind that these rates are for average use (studies include data centers and user systems). Hard drive manufacturers would have you believe the average rate of failure (MTBF) is over 1.5 million hours. This equates to roughly over 171 years of constant service before problems. A 5% failure rate translates to 100% failure in 20 years, a far cry from 171 year...""
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by dmbtech (#16033057) Attached to: EarthLink Establishes Their Own "Site Finder"
The point is that you have choice when the client is in control of finding a server where theres no dns entry for. When the server has it, there no competition, when you enter something into you firefox toolbar like lets say google (without the .com or .org). Without the wildcard dns, it will bring you to the google site. With it, you don't goto google at all and instead goto the isp's search page. This stuff should be on the client, so theres competition and the way things find domains that don't exist is better..

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