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Comment Re:clarification (Score 1) 100

Interesting. You need to be careful with the UI, though. It might be easy to express one's thoughts as a knowledge-graph, because you're familiar with each node individually. But for others to traverse that graph the structure needs to be much more organized. You can easily get "lost" in cliques that hide content not very well connected. It's much easier for a newcomer to traverse a tree, and there is the ages-old HMI rule of "no more than 3 levels and 7 items per level".

About computation, you might find this interesting:
I haven't used it, but I read about it sometime ago... perhaps it intersects some things you have in mind.

Comment Re:clarification (Score 1) 100

I've tried really hard to find any information that would explain what makes OneModel different than "wiki in list format" (not trying to be snarky here), but I've ended up empty handed... could you please explain further? Is it really a custom UI with a wiki backend (conceptually speaking)?

Comment Re:de gustibus non est disputandem (Score 1) 443

and there is really no possible way that anything interesting will result from the conversation

People might inform you of a flavor you have never heard before. And you try it. And it is the best motherfucking ice cream of your life.

Btw, if you go to Italy, look for Grom... it will be the best motherfucking ice cream of your life.

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