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Comment: not broadcast, but internet streams (Score 1) 126

by dltaylor (#48784053) Attached to: Radio, Not YouTube, Is Still King of Music Discovery

I haven't tuned a radio to a station in ages, but my preamp has internet radio capability that I use frequently (and donate/subscribe). I can also get streams on my Ouya, through XBMC and plugins.

The FCC really screwed up one of my favorite radio stations. They gave an LPFM (low-power KOCI) the same frequency as a powerhouse down the coast. I can only get the LPFM in a few block radius. Fortunately, the LPFM also has a shoutcast stream, so it's available on my computers, main sound system, the bedroom, and at work.

Comment: hardening is NOT blaming the hardware (Score 4, Interesting) 115

by dltaylor (#48779011) Attached to: Closure On the Linux Lockup Bug

Too many clueless comments already that don't understand the difference between "blaming the hardware" and hardening to deal with demonstrably-broken hardware (and/or firmware for devices). I've spent years writing drivers for various OS', including Windows and Linux. It is rare for any complex device to be bug-free at the hardware level (look how many patches are BIOS-applied to CPUs, for example). Sometimes, under NDA, of course, the Windows driver writers are apprised of the deficiencies, or, at least, get better response from the vendor when an anomaly appears. Linux rarely gets that same assistance.

My favorite example, though, is all-IBM. We were porting AIX to the PS/2s and 370s. We consistently had problems with the diskette interface under AIX and the response from Boca Raton was always "it works in MS-DOS, so it's your code, not our hardware". When OS-2 came around, they ran into exactly the same problem in the hardware. By then, we had a work-around (slower, more locks, but no more glitches) which was how OS-2 got around it, as well.

Comment: Russians, help me understand (Score 2, Insightful) 412

by dltaylor (#48773033) Attached to: Russia Says Drivers Must Not Have "Sex Disorders" To Get License

Resident or expats, please try to fill in the blanks.

Is there simply enough anti-homosexual bias in Russian culture, as in much of the USofA, for Putin to make political "points" by picking on them?

Is he thinking of using a relatievly powerless "out" group for a Kristallnacht if the economy experiences problems due to falling oil prices?

Pay-back, which he is known to do, for not supporting his acquisition of power?

Wild idea: is he thinking he can pressure homosexuals to produce more children as as some sort of social "cover", to build a population for a war?

Something else?

Comment: Re:Right Place (almost) (Score 1) 448

by dltaylor (#48758965) Attached to: Unbundling Cable TV: Be Careful What You Wish For

So, how much less WITHOUT ESPN?

As a TWC "customer", I'm stuck paying off the billions that they stupidly gave the LA Dodgers, and there's nothing short of internet-only that, at least for now, gets me out from under that load. Should we all switch to that model, I suspect that the internet-only price will go through the roof, since our only alternative is AT&T, which is hardly a low-cost, consumer-friendly provider.

I'm really hoping that there's a data-only plan coming from T-Mobile or Sprint that lets me cut TWC out of the loop completely, even if there's a bandwidth and latency cost.

Comment: listen/read skeptically (Score 2) 381

It's a very long distance from fanciful imagery in ancient texts (Ezekiel's wheel is a UFO, obviously, for example) to the historical existence of a nuclear war.

Explanations for natural and/or artifical oddities have to be seriously sought before giving credence to theories developed by those looking to use seeming correlations to bolster possible fantasies. How many times has Nostradamus been proved "correct"? It is a human trait to look for correlations; if the first three times your tribe passed a rock outcropping it was attacked by a lion, maybe those who noticed the pattern survived to pass down the trait of observation. There is, to my knowlege, never been a seriously funded and staffed attempt to look for rational explanations for fear of offending the believers.

We make artificial diamonds now; it's just not cost-effective compared to low-wage workers digging and dying in Africa.

When's the last time Buddhists staged a jihad?

Comment: just submitted comment to (Score 1, Insightful) 231

by dltaylor (#48720921) Attached to: US Slaps Sanctions On North Korea After Sony Cyberattack

As a slightly-more-in-touch segment of the population, many of us already discounted the FBI's claim against NK, and (I hope) nearly all of us now understand that it was an inside job. Let President Obama know that his sanctions just make him look foolish.

Comment: Re:Learn to drive (Score 1) 214

by dltaylor (#48700741) Attached to: New Year's Resolution for 2015

No; learn to ride a motorcycle. Use a professional teacher, not a "friend who rides".

I know that there are many days on that island that are considered by many as unsuitable for riding (see Richard Hammond riding to Edinburgh on a Vincent, for example), but there are also glorious days both there and on the Continent (Richard Hammond in the South of France). If you're so minded, there are plugin electrics, though a bit expensive (this one is on my wishlist).

Comment: not really likely (Score 5, Interesting) 282

by dltaylor (#48670097) Attached to: Did North Korea Really Attack Sony?

NK denied it, rather than taking credit.

Their tools are widely distributed, so faking the source is really easy.

The US government is weird combination of ineptitude and self-aggrandizement, so the FBI claims are likely pure BS designed to make the claimants look good (they were SOOO sure that had profiled the Yosemite killer years ago that it only took two more deaths to prove them wrong).

Comment: Re:Which is why (Score 1) 343

Then you're doing it wrong.

Everything that passes through wires outside of your building should be in a VPN, or equivalent. In reality, most of what passes through wires INSIDE your building should be in a VPN, too. Anything over WiFi is broadcast to the planet, and treat it as such.

There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom. -- Robert Millikan, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1923