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Comment I know, but S may be better for you (Score 1) 149

It's not a question of the merits of scale x vs scale y, but a physical limitation. As we age, for most of us, presbyopia kicks in, and, to some extent, there's often a loss of some sensitvity and fine motor control in the fingers. The "between HO and O" size of S scale ameliorates that to some extent. Honestly, that is my only regret for commiting to HO when I was a child. I would rather, now, have S. As pointed out earlier, there are narrow gauge trains to be modeled which allow tighter curves for a given scale, and you could model interurban (trolleys) which give a lot of operation in a smaller space.

Take a look here, for instance: .

Comment Re:Not there YET. Key word is yet. (Score 1) 291

The big thing will be getting recharge times down.

No, the big thing is the complete lack of recharge facilities outside of the urban sprawl and main highways. I travel by off-Interstate, whenever possible, and there are not going to be recharge facilities scattered as widely as hydrocarbon fuel stations for a very long time.

The Tesla can do over 230 now and it isn't optimized for range.

Not even close to that in start-stop driving and full AC (which I need, or I would be on a motorcycle instead for that trip).

So how do that equate to "pathetic"?

I have, and have had, other cars without that issue (current XJ, 1996 Grand Marquis, 1993 Integra, and others). To tell me that a four-door luxury sedan is that difficult to enter is pathetic. Not that the Tesla is the only one, but it is the one that I have been told, repeatedly (look at the replies to my original comment), is "very roomy".

Comment Re:Specific complaint? (Score 1) 291

I mostly ride the motorcycles when traveling around town and commuting, so the car is used for road trips and tightly scheduled long days when it's too hot for getting in and out of the armor multiple times or lots of people/stuff to haul. By "road trip", I mean things like Sturgis, SD, to Mt Rushmore on to the Devil's Tower and ending up at Buffalo, WY. Cannot do that in an electric, nor can I pause for an hour while running 400 miles of errands in the LA basin.

It's not the waistline, it's the seat-to-crown height (I'm 6'4'', 265 lbs.) I have tried on the Tesla and could barely enter (my shoulder hits the upper door sill, same as a BMW 7-series). Getting into my '04 XJ is easy, and I don't hit my head, knees, elbows, ... on anything when I'm inside.

Comment no electric car likely, but maybe a motorcycle (Score 2) 291

I can only have one car, and an electric just cannot now, nor is likely to be able to, in my lifetime, do the kinds of things for which I use one. It doesn't help that none of the current, or probable, models of car (not SUV) allow a linebacker-sized driver (and, yes, I've tried the on the Telsa; it's pathetic).

I have ridden a couple of electric motorcycles. H-Ds demo reminds me of my 2004 Ducati Monster, and there's an electric superbike (Energica Ego) coming, maybe, from Italy. Modern superbikes have limited range, anyway, so an electric is not a downside. One of those I could do.

Comment not enough bribes by OSS (Score 2) 186

US Government purchasing "works" by the payment of bribes. Usually, these are not simply cash payments, but the opportunity for lucrative "consulting contracts" at the providing companies for senior Penagon and Civil Service officials after leaving government "service". I've seen it enough to know that saving money, at equal or better performance, will not get a government contract. Maybe, if enough congresscritters and/or senaturds are bribed with campaign contributions and/or honorariums, they'll push a deal one way or the other, but that rarely has anything to do with saving purchasing costs.

Comment worse, IMO, is the treason (Score 3, Interesting) 305

A California utility has not only replaced citzens/green card holders with offshore labor, but they've handed control of critical infrastructure to foreign nationals. ATM, India is a friendly nation, but that is not guaranteed to last beyond their next election.

Comment Obama will NOT veto it (Score 1) 446

Obama's been the sort of corporate whore that the owners of the Republican branch of the demopublican party have wet dreams about.
The whole Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) thing he's pushing gives corporations blank checks to pillage the governments that sign it. For example, if Monsanto (a BIG GMO pusher) claims to have lost any profits due to any sort of GMO labelling or prohibition, the TTIP allows them compensation, without any actual proof of harm. Even if it were proven that a product killed 10% of its users, that does not prevent them from compensation for lost profits.

Comment DuckDuckGo (Score 2) 127

When I switched to DuckDuckGo, I was prompted, very politely, to allow their advertising. I whitelisted that site ONLY, and, so far, have not been burned by them (reasonably well-targeted ads, clearly identified, without visual or audible noise, and, AFAICT, no malware).

You want a site whitelisted? Treat me with respect.

Comment slander (Score 1) 456

To call an Amiga by the TRADEMARKED name "PC" is slander.

Until circa 2000, PCs were braindead compared to even a basic 68000-based Amiga, and not even close to the 68030/68040 versions.

The OS has real-time hooks for interrupt and scheduler management, which are still not common features, plus both lightweight and full processes.

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