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Comment worse, IMO, is the treason (Score 3, Interesting) 305 305

A California utility has not only replaced citzens/green card holders with offshore labor, but they've handed control of critical infrastructure to foreign nationals. ATM, India is a friendly nation, but that is not guaranteed to last beyond their next election.

Comment Obama will NOT veto it (Score 1) 446 446

Obama's been the sort of corporate whore that the owners of the Republican branch of the demopublican party have wet dreams about.
The whole Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) thing he's pushing gives corporations blank checks to pillage the governments that sign it. For example, if Monsanto (a BIG GMO pusher) claims to have lost any profits due to any sort of GMO labelling or prohibition, the TTIP allows them compensation, without any actual proof of harm. Even if it were proven that a product killed 10% of its users, that does not prevent them from compensation for lost profits.

Comment DuckDuckGo (Score 2) 127 127

When I switched to DuckDuckGo, I was prompted, very politely, to allow their advertising. I whitelisted that site ONLY, and, so far, have not been burned by them (reasonably well-targeted ads, clearly identified, without visual or audible noise, and, AFAICT, no malware).

You want a site whitelisted? Treat me with respect.

Comment slander (Score 1) 456 456

To call an Amiga by the TRADEMARKED name "PC" is slander.

Until circa 2000, PCs were braindead compared to even a basic 68000-based Amiga, and not even close to the 68030/68040 versions.

The OS has real-time hooks for interrupt and scheduler management, which are still not common features, plus both lightweight and full processes.

Comment not as long as you can afford lawyers ... (Score 2) 189 189

As long as your industry can afford to bleed everyone with legal parasites, you'll remain in business (see SCO).

In addition, when you can buy entire governments (see USofA, the TPP, ...), you will never go away, because they will guarantee your revenue stream.

Comment smart TV or NO TV? (Score 1) 119 119

If the choices finally come down to that, I will choose "NO TV".

I had a Westinghouse 37W1; pure monitor with every input from composite to DVI Worked beautifully for a long time until the backlight finally went out.

Settled for a "TV", but have never tried anything but HDMI-1, and don't use the audio on that (TV volume is always 0), 'cause the sound comes from the receiver.

The day it dies, if I cannot buy a TV (or, at least, large screen monitor) that works without an internet connection, then over-the-air/over-the cable/new media purchase is done.

Comment RoboRally first (Score 1) 315 315

It's a program AND it teaches how to deal with Murphy (nothing worse than getting bumped and watching the rest of your program walk you into a pit or heavy laser fire).

After that, it depends on the child's interests. Robots? Mindstorms.

"Real" computers? Pick up an old Apple II or Amiga and use the Basic to access the display.

A large number of installed systems work by fiat. That is, they work by being declared to work. -- Anatol Holt