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Comment: no evidence for that statement (Score 2) 164

by dltaylor (#46829297) Attached to: NYPD's Twitter Campaign Backfires

"There are plenty of good cops out there, ..."

I have heard of no evidence for there being ANY good cops. If there were any, it would be in the news that instead of various projects uncovering criminal behavior, it would be the cops, themselves, and it never seems to happen. There are cops who are murderers, rapists, thieves, and just plain thugs, and the rest of them are guilty of covering for the criminals. What happened to the NYPD officers who gang sodomized that Jamaican? The POLICE OFFICERS UNION pressured the city not to throw the SOBs in jail.

Comment: not on my cable (Score 1) 116

by dltaylor (#46828563) Attached to: How much use would you get from a 1 gigabit internet connection?

Currently, TWC cannot even deliver HD cable reliably. I get pixellation, long drops, ... whenever the cable is busy, presumably moving data.

If the USPS would just condemn and use a right of way on the sewer lines for fiber, and give me an IPv6 address for a router, THAT I would pay for.

Comment: dying desktop modularity, so why? (Score 2) 138

by dltaylor (#46820405) Attached to: Google's Project Ara Could Bring PC-Like Hardware Ecosystem To Phones

Except for a very few hardcore HW geeks (like me), "modular" PCs are simply not useful. Once a IT department has standardized, they don't change until the vendor stops making the base model, and the PCs are nearly always locked down to simplify support (never mind the stupidity/insanity/bullying by Microsoft that makes many upgrades have to re-authenticate). There's a small market, gamers mostly, that cycle through video cards, and more rarely, HDs/SSDs, but that's about it.

For example, the refurbished desktop (Dell T5400) I'm using for this posting has only the motherboard and CPU left from the minimum-corporate original configuration, but that cost less than a Xeon X5570 and compatible motherboard would have cost me when I bought it, and I've filled every slot, but one.

More likely, end users will rarely change a component, and phone vendors may find modularity useful for prototyping, but they won't bear the cost of the connectors.

Comment: not money, ideology (Score 1) 460

by dltaylor (#46811845) Attached to: Oklahoma Moves To Discourage Solar and Wind Power

That's the Koch's, again, buying legislators.

As usual, their lobbyists (bribe bagmen) provide plausible-sounding bafflegab that has nothing to do with the reality. It's just there because most people cannot even find the details, much less understand them.,0,7412286.story

Comment: Re:With Linux Support! Multiplayer? (Score 1) 88

by dltaylor (#46735527) Attached to: <em>Civilization: Beyond Earth</em> Announced

Used to play Civ until breakfast or out-of-memory errors called for a break at LAN parties (Starcraft/BW, too, until they took that away and lost my sales). Better with multiple PCs that hot-seat 'cause you could think ahead more easily.

Still playing AC from the Loki release for Linux. It will be interesting to see how well a simultaneous release works.

Comment: Re:correlation does not prove causation insulting (Score 2) 137

by dltaylor (#46657483) Attached to: Study: Exposure To Morning Sunlight Helps Managing Weight

Maybe it is evening/night people having their natural sleep schedules disrupted in our industrialized society that contributes to a higher BMI.

AFAIK, morning sun has essentially the same spectrum as evening sun (slightly red due to the longer path through the atmosphere than at noon), and the same angle of incidence, so morning sun should have no different intrinsic effect than evening sun, if the rest of the day is spent in artificial light.

Sounds like a VERY poorly controlled experiment.

Comment: or just say no (Score 5, Interesting) 323

I have not, and will not, use my cable provider's "on demand" service for anything for which I have to pay ($5 - $10 per selection per 24-hour viewing window). If there were some "bundle" price, al la Netflix, I'd give them $10 for access. Of course, I don't pay the obscene fees for "premium" channels, either. I only have one cable box attached to a screen. I cannot watch all three (four?) at the same time, but I would have to pay an additional monthly fee for each one, even if it is discounted slightly for second, third, ... selection.

I may miss something, but nothing I've heard of justifies the pricing.

Comment: Re:upgrade - how NOT to do it (Score 1) 860

by dltaylor (#46413605) Attached to: Microsoft's Attempt To Convert Users From Windows XP Backfires

upgrade - and find that the photo viewing application is gone

upgrade - and find that the driver for your printer is gone, there is no new one, and the old one won't work in the new OSx

upgrade - and find your ability to install the software that you like is compromised ...

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