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Comment Re:Proxy wars (Score 1) 342

Nobody comes out of this looking like the "good guys".

Your opinion, not mine.


The net result of this fiasco will probably be a cross-licensing agreement and a bunch of rich lawyers. (I don't begrudge the lawyers anything, btw... everyone's gotta make a buck)

Very true, even the mercenaries and crack dealers. Oh wait, there are moral and ethical limits.

alright then. Good talk

Comment Re:Finally, a cluestick (Score 1) 296

Hey. FYI, my name isn't facepalm. Not sure why you thought it was. That'd be a pretty weird name, don't you think? Maybe that's what you kids are naming your, uh, kids while you juggle 200 gigs worth of ROMs, HD videos, and porn on yourmother fucking vacation. Seriously, dude, you're doing it wrong.Go out and get some sun. Soak up the local culture. Eat. Have fun.

So, anyway, just wanted to say hi. Have fun hiding your massive porn collection. Remember to label the card something boring and innocuous like, "My Favorite Martian SD ripzzz" (you know, 'cause you don't want to confuse it with the card that has your HD MFM eps).

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