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Comment: Because, while doing do much, it does so little... (Score 1) 154

Glass is a nice thing. It's also frustrating as all heck in it's limitations. I want the text on all the signs I read auto translated for me - and overlaid in such a way as to hide the original language text. I want to see the arrows on the ground/roadway showing me where to turn left, not get a tiny message up above my field of vision.

I want it to give me full on AR, not just auxiliary information.

Me, I'm hoping that Meta can get the price of these down a bit: https://www.spaceglasses.com/

Comment: Re:The new Microsoft Tracker (Score 1) 135

by dlingman (#48284889) Attached to: Microsoft Enters the Wearables Market With 'Band'

It knows when you're sleeping and where you're sleeping, it knows when you're awake and where you go. It provides enough extremely personal data so that, when coupled with your online data trail and banking records, can provide a very accurate picture of every move you make, all you activities, your beliefs, proclivities, and any potentially illegal activities you engage in.

Um - You've just described Santa Claus.

Eureka! -- Archimedes