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Comment Re:When they get rude (Score 1) 217

Had this happen to me - I have an idea for the next app - I'll tell it to you, you build it, and you can have 1/2 the cash. My response? Consider: Someone approaches Steven King. Tells them they have a brilliant idea for a book - all he has to do is write it, and he can keep 1/2 of money. I'm betting Mr. King has a very full well (or 2, or 3) of the bodies of people like that.

If, on the other hand, someone approaches me, with desing notes, screen sketches etc of what they want built, I can give them an estimate as to how much it will cost them to get me to build it.

Somehow, realizing that they are going to have to pay to get their idea built seems to frighten most of them off.

Comment Make sure you talk to a tech that understands (Score 2) 479

While nigh impossible to get a good techy on the call support line, sometimes you do. And sometimes they listen.

When working on the 1 meg modem project, some of us had developer units. Internet goes down. Pattern of blinky LEDs on modem indicates that issue is with line card at other end.

Call tech support, ask them to reseat the line card. Get massive confusion on their end, as I've got access to better diagnostics then they do. And I know what their GUI looks like. And which alarm is active on it at the moment. Eventually, it sinks in with them, that they have someone who actually helped build the product they were supporting.

In the end, they did reseat the card, and my backup internet came back up.

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