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Comment: That brings me back (Score 1) 487

by dlhm (#37907316) Attached to: Things That Turbo Pascal Is Smaller Than
My second language was Turbo Pascal, after BASIC. I loved that language.. I was 12, trying to create games.. 320x200x256 raw graphics, stitched together with ASM. I actually created a photoshop type program to edited my "proprietary" raw image files.( I just added a larger header to regular raw graphics files) all in DOS with a Hyundai Super 286 AT 12Mhz 40 meg HD, 4 meg of ram and a 2400 baud modem.

Comment: Suprised (Score 0) 308

by dlhm (#35736332) Attached to: MythBuster Developing Light-Weight Vehicle Armor
I am actually suprised so many people on here think these guys are so "smart" , "engineers", or "scientist".. I'm not knocking them, but I think Grant is the only person on that show that is smart.. and is capable of completing a full thought. These guys aren't idiots by any means, It's just sad when average is seen as something special.

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