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Comment: Re:flycast.fm replaced it for me. (Score 1) 368

by dlZ (#26880037) Attached to: Internet Killed the Satellite Radio Star
I just felt like Liquid played a lot more things like Metallica, and a lot more older metal like Iron Maiden. I don't remember ever hearing any hardcore after they merged, either. Hard Attack didn't play a ton of hardcore, but at least they played some. Still, either is better than the metal you'll hear on terrestrial radio, that's for sure. (most of the time, one local station has a metal show on every Sat. midnight to 6am that plays great music, uncensored.)

Comment: Re:flycast.fm replaced it for me. (Score 4, Informative) 368

by dlZ (#26863131) Attached to: Internet Killed the Satellite Radio Star
I got rid of my Sirius a few months ago due to the channel changes from the XM merger, actually. I loved the Sirius metal station. When they merged, they started playing more music from the XM metal station, and it just wasn't as good. The Sirius station played a lot more black and death metal, and a lot less mainstream. There was also an excellent punk station, and (even before the merger) they turned it into some 24/7 AC/DC station. It never came back. I did enjoy Howard Stern, but losing the two music stations I listened to the most was enough to cancel. I'm back to listening to CDs in the car again.

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