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Comment STFU (Score 1) 416

How in the hell did this make it to the front page of Slashdot? Wait it is an attempt bash MS, so lets push it through. Oh my God, I can't believe the Xbox360 won't run Linux or do exactly what I want it to do. Get over it, it was not designed to be a general purpose device. MS made it to compete in the console arena not against the media center PC.

Wahhh I won a new car and it won't run the latest version of Debian... STFU and either sell your Xbox and buy something you can make work to your desire, give it away as a gift (which would make you the worlds coolest uncle) or buy some of the better Xbox games and enjoy it for what it is.

Comment Re:Ooozing sympathy ... (Score 1) 66

Seriously, did you watch the first 10 seconds of the video and come to your conclusion based on the fact that your car got rained on? You can see water rushing into the room from the hall. This is inside a building, I can't imagine how fast the water must have been moving outside.

Comment Re:Dodgy statesmen (Score 1) 681

They are still paying a slew of other WA state taxes. They are just not paying licensing taxes in WA. They are a big corporation, they are taxed in every jurisdiction they operate in. Are you so naive to think that all sales from MS come directly from WA and conversely use resources/infrastructure provide by the state of WA?

Comment Re:Microsoft Is the Epitome of Evil (Score 1) 681

Or instead of moving to Russia, they could just move to Nevada where there is no tax on licenses and they have all the utilities you seem to think only exist in WA. By the way, it is the license tax that the article is talking about. I work large commercial construction, guess who pays for all the infrastructure upgrades when you build big commercial/industrial projects. If you say the State or even the local government you will get a big fat F-. It is the company that is building.

Maybe you could pull your head from your socialist ass and suggest that the State exercise some financial responsibility.

Comment Who is more evil? (Score 2, Insightful) 681

I will post in the best slashdot etiquette possible. hmm... two evil empires, the State gov. or MS. In a landslide I would choose MS every time in this situation. I don't have to pay the so called MS tax if I don't want. I don't get that choice at all when it comes to the State. The States (not just WA) spend WAAAY more then the take from us. Yes all you liberal do gooders, I said take. Add up the taxes you pay sometime. Don't forget to include all the 'extra' taxes you pay with your post tax wages. WA crying like a little bitch is the ultimate 'no personal responsibility" claim I have heard.

They, meaning all the States, must stop spending more then they have. Take a hard look at bloated employment roles, excessive pension/health care plans, failed social programs and tighten the belt like everyone else must.

If I were MS, I would tell WA to pound f'ing sand and move my entire operation to Nevada. Then let's see how big their deficit would be.


Processing Visualization Language Ported To Javascript 171

Manfre writes "On his birthday, John Resig (creator of jQuery) has given a present to developers by releasing Processing.js. This is a Javascript port of the Processing Visualization Language and a first step towards Javascript being a rival to Flash for online graphics content. His blog post contains an excellent writeup with many demos."

Round Robin Scheduling Not Power-Efficient 141

Via_Patrino writes "While having to distribute load between several servers, round robin, or any other technique that balances load equally, is the most common approach because of its simplicity. But a recent study shows that trying to accumulate load on some servers can improve energy efficiency because the other servers will be mostly unused during off-peak periods and then able to make better use of power saving methods. Specially, where load involves lots of concurrent power-consuming TCP connections, which was the case in the study, a new load-balancing algorithm resulted in an overall 30% power savings. Here's the paper (PDF)."

Windows XP SP3 Creating Havoc 742

ozmanjusri writes "According to Information Week, within hours of its wide availability Windows XP SP3 had drawn hundreds of complaints from users who claim the update is wreaking havoc on their computers. One user said in a Microsoft newsgroup: 'I downloaded and installed [the SP3] package for IT Professionals and Developers on one of my computers. Now I can't get the computer to boot. I don't think Microsoft should have made this a critical update.' Other sites including IT Wire are also reporting problems, which include include random reboots or the inability to boot at all." Note that XP3 won't install on systems running beta IE8; and after a successful SP3 install users will no longer be able to downgrade from IE7 to IE6.

x86 Evolution Still Driving the Revolution 82

An anonymous reader writes "The x86 instruction set may be ancient, in technology terms, but that doesn't mean it's not exciting or innovative. In fact the future of x86 is looking brighter than it has in years. has an article pointing out how at 30 years old x86 is still a moving force in technological advancement and, despite calls for change and numerous alternatives, it will still be the technology that gets us where we want to go. Quoting: 'As far as the world of the x86 goes, the future is very bright. There are so many new markets that 45nm products enable. Intel has really nailed the future with this goal. And in the future when they produce 32nm, and underclock their existing processors to allow the extremely low power requirements of cell phones and other items, then the x86 will be the power-house for our home computers, our notebooks, our cell phones, our MIDs and other unrealized devices today.'"

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