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Comment: Re:This could be a nice start (Score 1) 447 447

Furthermore, when has Microsoft released an OS that did not need a major overhaul (other than Win2k) soon after it's release?
Have you heard of Windows Server 2003? It's a mighty fine product. My livelihood is based on this OS. And BTW, I'm NOT a fanboy. I think Vista is debacle.

+ - Why I Sold My Wii

Jeffrey writes: It was the most unique and innovative system I had ever seen in my many years of playing video games. So why did I sell it? Simple, it got boring. Nintendo has ceased offering me any reasons to keep playing it. Full story at SavvyGeek.

Georgia on the mind of 3m after CD loss->

One more reason to fear data handlers

Sensitive personal information on 2.9 million Georgia residents is at risk after a company lost a CD that contained the details. It is at least the third such blunder in less than a week and raises serious doubts about the measures private companies and public officials take to safeguard individuals from identity theft.

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+ - Is Windows 98 still usable?

Merry Mace writes: I have a friend with an older but still quite usable system. Last summer I cleaned up the machine and installed Ubuntu. My friend just told me of a few problems they're having and asked (begged) me to reinstall Windows 98. The question is: Can I ethically install an operating system that I know has some unresolved security flaws?

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