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Comment: auctions? (Score 1) 89

by djd20 (#33996520) Attached to: Is Zynga Trying To Patent Virtual Currency?
Sites such as and mad bid have been doing this for ages in the form of non-refundable 'bids' which are the current used for participating in the auctions. Fat chance getting that kind of a patent through. The unified currency makes it easier to accept multiple currencies at a fair rate.

Comment: Re:Mass market games (Score 1) 1348

by djd20 (#33932026) Attached to: Desktop Linux Is Dead
For many of these wine actually works quite well out of the box - I find that for most games I don't have any trouble running them in wine. Steam works well too. Nevertheless, I appreciate that not having to fiddle and just be able to play what you've bought. That's why I own a ps3... Oh, and Ubuntu is an awesome desktop environment. Run it on a few machines which are used for work.

Comment: Re:Artists are NOT going to be programming AVRs (Score 1) 140

by djd20 (#32594334) Attached to: Parallel Programming For the Arduino
I know for a fact that artists with litte or no programming experience have been able to pick occam up on the arduino or RCX. Its challenging when you have to write assembly, not when you have a library designed for that microcontroller and all you need to do is write 5-10 lines of code to start doing 'cool stuff'.

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